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SUMMARY Mathematical modeling has a key role in systems biology. Model building is often regarded as an iterative loop involving several tasks, among which the estimation of unknown parameters of the model from a certain set of experimental data is of central importance. This problem of parameter estimation has many possible pitfalls, and modelers should be(More)
We consider the deterministic model of interaction between the immune system and tumor cells including a memory function that reflects the influence of the past states, to simulate the time needed by the latter to develop a chemical and cell mediated response to the presence of the tumor. The memory function is called delay kernel. The results are compared(More)
Using Caputo fractional derivative of order α, α ∈ (0, 1), we consider some chaotic systems of fractional differential equation. We will prove that they can be synchronized and anti-synchronized using suitable nonlinear control function. The synchronized or anti-synchronized error system of fractional differential equations is used in secure communication .
In this paper we investigate some stochastic models for tumor-immune systems. To describe these models, we used a Wiener process, as the noise has a stabilization effect. Their dynamics are studied in terms of stochastic stability in the equilibrium points, by constructing the Lyapunov exponent, depending on the parameters that describe the model.(More)
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