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The Sound of Vision project involves developing a sensory substitution device that is aimed at creating and conveying a rich auditory representation of the surrounding environment to the visually impaired. However, the feasibility of such an approach is strongly constrained by neural flexibility, possibilities of sensory substitution and adaptation to(More)
An exciting possibility for compensating for loss of sensory function is to augment deficient senses by conveying missing information through an intact sense. Here we present an overview of techniques that have been developed for sensory substitution (SS) for the blind, through both touch and audition, with special emphasis on the importance of training for(More)
As the number of people suffering from visual impairments continuously increases, there is strong need for efficient sensory substitution devices, that can support creating a rich mental spatial depiction of the environment. The use of the auditory sense has proved to be an effective approach towards creating a method of interaction with the elements of the(More)
The use of individualised Head Related Transfer Functions (HRTF) is a fundamental prerequisite for obtaining an accurate rendering of 3D spatialised sounds in virtual auditory environments. The HRTFs are transfer functions that define the acoustical basis of auditory perception of a sound source in space and are frequently used in virtual auditory displays(More)
We propose a new method for segmenting indoor scenes captured with RGBD or depth cameras with a simple and fast iterative CPU segmentation. The segmentation consists of three main steps. In the first stage, regions grow by adding new pixels based on depth information and normal vectors. Next, multiple regions are merged into bigger surfaces based on(More)
The Binaural Navigation Game is a 3D audio game with hierarchical levels of difficulty that can be used by both normal sighted or visually impaired players. The purpose of the game is to test and train the sound localization skills, to entertain and to provide an alternative to the common video games available on the market nowadays. The sonification(More)
Activity recognition plays a key role in providing activity assistance and care for users in intelligent homes. This paper presents a two layer of convolutional neural networks to perform human action recognition using images provided by multiple cameras. We consider one PTZ camera and multiple Kinects in order to offer continuity over the users movement.(More)
Near infrared light or NIR is not absorbed well by water or blood, which are the main components of biological tissue. For this reason, it can reach a significant depth of optical penetration, thus achieving increased illumination of internal structures. Even if there are some approaches based on near infrared light that allow the analysis of tissue near(More)
The problem of blindness and other eye disabilities is highly important as it affects millions of people on the globe. In the same time, the number of modern touchscreen devices is increasing fast. They are widely spread and becoming accessible for education purposes. For those who suffer from congenital visual disabilities is very difficult to imagine the(More)