OP Kurguzov

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The authors analyse the results of surgical treatment of 21 patients with injury of the inferior vena cava seen at the Hospital of General Surgery. The mean age of patients was 33.7 years. Venous injuries were induced by cut wounds (14 casualties), gunshot wounds (5 patients) and blunt trauma (2 patients). The majority of patients were transported in a(More)
Variety of disturbances of microcirculation can be stipulated by vasomotorial disfunction's of blood circulation in terminal vascular bed, changes of rheologic and coagulative characteristics of blood as well as morphological changes of structure of tissue and vessels of microcirculatory bed of destructed lower limb. In case of a varicose disease without(More)
Experience in combined operations for cholelithiasis on 162 patients is discussed. In 98 patients, cholecystectomy was performed as a simultaneous stage of surgical treatment, the main stage of the operation was gastrectomy or resection of the stomach for cancer in 26 patients, formation of a small stomach for alimentary-constitutional obesity in 19,(More)
The work analyses observation findings in three patients with urachal cysts. On admission, two of the patients had suppurating cysts simulating the picture of the acute abdomen, one of which presented the clinical signs of acute appendicitis so vividly as to require revision of the abdominal organs. The diagnostic errors that have been made are also(More)