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BACKGROUND Recently, it is proposed that oxidant-antioxidant imbalance may have a role in the pathophysiology of schizophrenia. The present study was performed to assess differences in plasma levels of nitric oxide (as oxidant), caeruloplasmin (secondary antioxidant), and antioxidant trace metals (Zn, Se, Mn, Cu and Fe) in patients with schizophrenia(More)
The role of Complement factors in the pathogenesis of psychiatric disorders is enormous, but the data on levels and functions of complement factors in patients with schizophrenia are scanty and conflicting. To address this issue, levels of Complement regulators (C1 inhibitor and C3 activator) and complement factors (C1q, C3c, C4 and C5) were determined in(More)
Our previous study suggests that aqueous extract of kola nut had effect on reproductive hormones in male rats. This study evaluates the effects of kola nut extract on plasma level of testosterone and luteinizing hormones in male rats. 30 adult male rats were used. These were divided into three groups: group A served as control and it received water only,(More)
In recent years, it has become apparent that smoking has a negative impact on renal function, being one of the most important avoidable renal risk factors. This study was aimed at assessing the renal function of cigarette smokers. The study was carried out on one hundred and sixty (160) subjects comprising of one hundred (100) cigarette smokers and sixty(More)
Ischaemic Cerebrovascular Accident (CVA) has been shown to be associated with abnormal lipid profile (dyslipidaemia) as a risk factor. There is paucity of data regarding this in this environment hence this study. In this study, a total number of 63 subjects were recruited comprised of 33 patients with cerebrovascular accident (stroke) and 30 apparently(More)
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