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Breast cancer during pregnancy: a mini-review.
BACKGROUND As modern women delay childbearing, pregnancy-associated breast cancer (PABC) becomes a more frequent problem faced by oncologists, gynecologists, and obstetricians alike. However, noExpand
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Increasing incidence of cholangiocarcinoma in Crete 1992-2000.
BACKGROUND There have been recent reports of an increased incidence of cholangiocarcinoma. PATIENTS AND METHODS Patients with cholangiocarcinoma, resident on the island of Crete, diagnosed betweenExpand
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Image analysis of breast cancer immunohistochemistry-stained sections using ImageJ: an RGB-based model.
A new method of RGB analysis, using the freeware ImageJ, is presented which can be applied to both cytoplasmic and nuclear staining without interfering with any part of the image. Expand
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E-cadherin expression on fine-needle aspiration biopsies in primary lung adenocarcinomas is related to tumor differentiation and invasion.
UNLABELLED E-cadherin, a cell surface molecule that mediates cell-cell adhesion in normal epithelium, has been shown in recent studies of tissue biopsy to be related to tumor differentiation andExpand
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Bcl-2 expression as an apoptotic index in non small cell lung carcinomas.
To evaluate the bcl-2 protein expression in non small cell lung carcinomas (NSCLC) as an index of apoptosis of these tumors, in fine needle aspiration biopsies (FNABs) of the lung, we studiedExpand
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HSP-70, C-myc and HLA-DR expression in patients with cutaneous malignant melanoma metastatic in lymph nodes.
HSP-70, C-myc and HLA-DR were examined in patients with cutaneous malignant melanoma metastatic to lymph nodes. Lymph-nodal fine-needle aspiration biopsies (FNABs) were analyzed and the results wereExpand
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Ceftriaxone and dexamethasone affecting yeast gut flora in experimental mice.
Crl:CD1 (ICR) BR mice were fed regular food or food containing Candida albicans to induce gastrointestinal (GI) colonization by the yeast. Groups of colonized mice were subsequently treated withExpand
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Treatment of unresectable malignant abdominal, pelvic and thoracic tumors using abdominal pelvic and thoracic stop-flow chemotherapy.
BACKGROUND Stop-flow perfusion (SFP) has been recently used to enhance the effects of chemotherapy in patients with locally advanced tumors. PATIENTS AND METHODS Over a 2-year period we performedExpand
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Modulation of Vascular Endothelium by Imatinib: A Study on the EA.hy 926 Endothelial Cell Line
Abstract In this study the EA.hy 926 endothelial cell line-simulating endothelial cells-was treated with imatinib in order to define a possible anti-angiogenic role for imatinib. Dose and timeExpand
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Expression of endothelial PDGF receptors alpha and beta in breast cancer: up-regulation of endothelial PDGF receptor beta.
The PDGF pathway is essential in tumor angiogenesis. Although the expression of the PDGF receptors has been excessively studied on breast cancer cells, few studies exist on PDGFR expression on theExpand
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