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Selective estrogen receptor‐β activation stimulates skeletal muscle growth and regeneration
There is increasing evidence suggesting that estrogens augment skeletal muscle regeneration processes after injury. To study the contribution of estrogen receptors α and β (ERα and ERβ) during muscleExpand
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Antiestrogenic activities of Cimicifuga racemosa extracts
Despite the wide use of extracts from the rhizome of black cohosh (Cimicifuga racemosa) for the treatment of menopausal complaints, surprisingly little is known on their potential estrogenicExpand
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An efficient synthesis of the potent phytoestrogens 8-prenylnaringenin and 6-(1,1-dimethylallyl)naringenin by europium(III)-catalyzed Claisen rearrangement
Abstract Starting from commercially available naringenin (3), the flavanoids 8-prenylnaringenin (1) and 6-(1,1-dimethylallyl)naringenin (2) have been prepared in racemic form using prenyl ether 5 asExpand
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Characterisation of the pharmacological profile of desoxymethyltestosterone (Madol), a steroid misused for doping.
Desoxymethyltestosterone (DMT), also known as Madol, is a steroid recently identified to be misused as a doping agent. Since, the knowledge of functions of this substance is rather limited, it wasExpand
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Tetrahydrogestrinone is a potent but unselective binding steroid and affects glucocorticoid signalling in the liver.
Tetrahydrogestrinone (THG) is a steroid recently identified to be misused as doping agent. However, the knowledge on functions of this substance in humans or animal models is rather limited.Expand
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Time dependency of uterine effects of naringenin type phytoestrogens in vivo
Phytoestrogens exhibit significant estrogen agonistic/antagonistic properties in animals and humans. Naturally occurring flavonoids with a naringenin backbone like 8-prenylnaringenin (8-PN) andExpand
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Prenylation has a compound specific effect on the estrogenicity of naringenin and genistein
A variety of plant derived substances, so-called phytoestrogens (PEs), although structurally not related to steroids, produce effects similar to the mammalian estradiol. However, little is known soExpand
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Regulation of gene expression by 8-prenylnaringenin in uterus and liver of Wistar rats.
The potential estrogenic activity of 8-prenylnaringenin has been investigated using several in vitro test systems. 8-Prenylnaringenin is a natural secondary product of the female blossoms of hops.Expand
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Detection of anabolic steroid abuse using a yeast transactivation system
The classical analytical method for detection of anabolic steroid abuse is gas chromatography followed by mass spectrometry (GC/MS). However, even molecules with a chemical structure typical for thisExpand
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Impact of a functionalized olive oil extract on the uterus and the bone in a model of postmenopausal osteoporosis
PurposeThe Mediterranean diet rich in fruits, vegetables and olive oil has been related to a lower osteoporosis incidence and accordingly to a reduced fracture risk. These observations might beExpand
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