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Modulation of GABAA receptor-mediated currents by phenazepam and its metabolites
Both PNZ and HPNZ can be referred to as full positive modulators of GABAA receptors and that they are primarily responsible for GABAergic effects of therapeutic doses of PNZ.
The pharmacodynamics of anticonvulsant and subconvulsant effects of ethanol in CBA and C57BL/6 mice.
It is observed that ethanol produces a powerful anticonvulsant action antagonizing convulsant effects of bicuculline, which allows using the method of MED determination as an express model of an acute alcohol abstinence syndrome, as well as for screening of new antialcohol drugs.
Elimination kinetics of the novel prodrug cinazepam possessing psychotropic activity in mice.
A modification of the Mansgeldorf's method for analysis of kinetic parameters during multiple administration of the tranquilizer cinazepam demonstrated that the modified approach could be equally and efficiently applied for interpreting experimental data during a single dose administration and after chronic administration of xenobiotics.
Pharmacokinetics of Ethanol in Mice with Different Alcohol Motivation
The kinetic scheme of ethanol distribution in mice was characterized by a dose-dependent linear increase in alcohol concentration in the plasma and brain and nonlinear (parabolic) increase in the area under its pharmacokinetic curve in the test tissue.
Biokinetics of gidazepam, derivatives of peptideaminobenzophenones and their metabolites.
The relationship between 14C-contents in brain and serum change is observed demonstrating a loop over the whole period of the experiment which allows to suggest that serum acts as the central compartment, whereas brain is a peripheral compartment of a kinetic scheme of distribution of prodrugs in mice.
Mutagenesis testing using the LacZ reporter activity of the reparation gene mus209 in Drosophila melanogaster
It is demonstrated that the beta-galactosidase reporter, which is encoded by insertion of P {lacW} element in the gene mus209, is induced by irradiation in the cells of the salivary glands and wing imaginal discs.
Modeling of the Dynamics of Paroxysmal Activity and Pharmacokinetics of GABAA Receptor Ligands
We developed mathematical models allowing us to calculate the parameters of pharmacokinetics of exogenous ligands based on the analysis of their pharmacodynamics under the direct influence of a
Pharmacokinetics of a synthetic interferon inducer amixin in mice.
A combined model is proposed that could help determine parameters of irreversible xenobiotic binding, the extent of the absorption from the intestine and relative efficacy of the hepatic excretion, in particular presystemic drug elimination.
Occurrence of P element in natural populations of Drosophila melanogaster in Ukraine
Using PCR and sequencing we have demonstrated the presence of P elements in genomes of Drosophila melanogaster from natural populations of Ukraine. The degree of gonadal reduction revealed indirectly