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Autochthony, ethnicity, indigeneity and nationalism: Time-honouring and state-oriented modes of rooting individual-territory-group triads in a globalizing world
Recently, proliferating discourses on autochthony and indigeneity have been noted as the flip-side of globalization. Against this backdrop, this article synthesizes insights from studies ofExpand
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New Law against an Old State: Land Restitution as a Transition to Justice in Post-Apartheid South Africa?
type="main"> Based on a case study of the so-called ‘Kafferskraal’ land claim, this article scrutinizes the ongoing land restitution process in post-apartheid South Africa with regard to its capacityExpand
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Transitional Justice, States of Emergency and Business as Usual in Sierra Leone
type="main"> This article situates the establishment of the Special Court for Sierra Leone in the wider context of the country's transitional period between 1999 and 2004. During this pivotal period,Expand
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Transition and Justice: An Introduction
type="main"> Since the end of the Cold War, political new beginnings have increasingly been linked to questions of transitional justice. The contributions to this collection examine a series of casesExpand
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The Formation and Mobilization of Collective Identities in Situations of Conflict and Integration
The authors propose a framework for the comparative analysis of collective identities and corresponding processes of identification. “Collective identities” are defined as representations containingExpand
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Between the lines: Republicanism, dissenters and the politics of meta-trauma in the Northern Irish conflict.
  • O. Zenker
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  • 1 July 2010
Based on in-depth life story interviews contextualised by fourteen months of fieldwork in 2003-2004 and using a person-centered ethnographic approach, this article provides a case study of anExpand
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Autochthony and activism among contemporary Irish nationalists in Northern Ireland, or: if "civic" nationalists are "ethno"-cultural revivalists, what remains of the civic/ethnic divide?
. This article argues for dissolving the civic–ethnic dichotomy into several analytical dimensions and suggests ‘autochthony’ and ‘activism’ as two such alternatives. It does so by first presenting aExpand
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South African Land Restitution, White Claimants and the Fateful Frontier of Former KwaNdebele*
South African land restitution, through which the post-apartheid state compensates victims of racial land dispossession, has been intimately linked to former homelands: prototypical rural claims areExpand
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De-judicialization, Outsourced Review and All-Too-Flexible Bureaucracies in South African Land Restitution
This article takes as its starting point a peculiar land claim within the ongoing South African land restitution process – more specifically, the legal and administrative technicalities that allowedExpand
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