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The influence of slaked lime content on the processing conditions of cooked maize tortillas: changes of thermal, structural and rheological properties
Basic data on thermal, structural and rheological properties of cooked maize tortillas were investigated, with the aim of understanding the role of the slaked lime [Ca(OH)2] that is incorporatedExpand
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Photoacoustic monitoring of processing conditions in cooked tortillas : measurement of thermal diffusivity
The thermal diffusivity and conductivity of cooked tortillas processed under different conditions were measured at room temperature using a proposed open-photoacoustic cell (OPC) detection technique.Expand
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Band‐gap shift in CdS semiconductor by photoacoustic spectroscopy: Evidence of a cubic to hexagonal lattice transition
The band‐gap energies of the CdS semiconductor are obtained by a photoacoustic spectroscopy (PAS) technique over a range of temperature of thermal annealing (TTA), in which the evolution of theExpand
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Characterization of defect levels in chemically deposited CdS films in the cubic-to-hexagonal phase transition
Spectral photoconductivity, photoconductive quenching, photoluminescence, and thermally stimulated current measurements, have been carried out in order to study the evolution of defect energy levelsExpand
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Photoluminescence analysis of CdS thin films under phase transition
Abstract Using the chemical bath deposition (CBD) method, CdS thin films in the cubic metaslable phase were grown on glass substrates. On thermal annealing (TA) in Ar+S2 atmosphere in the 240–510 °CExpand
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Band gap coupling in photocatalytic activity in ZnO–TiO2 thin films
Zinc oxide and titanium dioxide composite thin films were prepared on Corning 7059 glass substrates by co-sputtering. The reactive gas-surroundings used was ultrahigh purity oxygen. To analyze theExpand
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Raman spectroscopy of oxygenated amorphous CdTe films
Oxygenated CdTe films prepared by r.f. sputtering have been shown to have band gap energies between 1.48 and 3.35 eV, depending on the amount of oxygen incorporated in the CdTe matrix. Samples withExpand
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Atmospheric ethene concentrations in Mexico City: Indications of strong diurnal and seasonal dependences
Abstract Monitoring of atmospheric ethene was carried out in Mexico City with a 12C16O2-laser-based photoacoustic spectrometer. We assessed the variation of the ethene content in atmospheric samplesExpand
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Photodegradation of gaseous C6H6 using CdO+CdTiO3 and TiO2 thin films obtained by sol–gel technique
Abstract In this work, TiO 2 and CdO + CdTiO 3 multicomponent oxide thin films growth was performed with different Ti/Cd ratios (0, 0.20, 0.49, 0.60, 0.65, 0.70 and 1) by the sol–gel route in orderExpand
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