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Menstrual cycles are influenced by sunshine
Introduction. The study determined the effect of seasons and meteorological variables on ovarian-menstrual function. Methods. Women (N = 129) living in Novosibirsk (55°N), Russia, provided data onExpand
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Immediate effect of blue-enhanced light on reproductive hormones in women.
OBJECTIVE Light is known to stimulate reproductive function in women. We here investigated the immediate effect of light on reproductive hormones, addressing the role of blue-sensitive (~480 nm)Expand
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Macromolecular antioxidants based on polysaccharides and 2,6-diisobornyl-4-methylphenol derivatives
New macromolecular antioxidants that were conjugates of dextran or hydroxyethylated starch with functionalized derivatives synthesized from 2,6-diisobornyl-4-methylphenol were prepared. TheirExpand
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Molecular characteristics and antioxidant activity of polyethylene glycols modified by sterically hindered phenols
Chemical modification of polyethylene glycols by antioxidants belonging to the class of sterically hindered phenols is used to obtain water-soluble conjugates differing in the structure of the joinedExpand
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Aggregation of dextran hydrophobically modified by sterically hindered phenols
The process of aggregation of conjugates of dextran hydrophobically modified by sterically hindered phenols in an aqueous medium was studied by dynamic light scattering, transmission electronExpand
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Molecular properties of conjugates formed by synthetic hydrophilic polymers and sterically hindered phenols
Water-soluble conjugates are prepared via the chemical modification of poly(vinyl alcohol) and poly(ethylene glycol) by antioxidants taken from the family of sterically hindered phenols. The effectsExpand
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Indicator properties of oligoethylene glycol hybrids with sterically hindered phenols
Aqueous solutions of hybrid compounds (conjugates) formed by polyethylene glycols modified at the terminal hydroxy groups with sterically hindered phenol lose their phase stability at a certainExpand
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Structural factors responsible for the activity of macromolecular phenolic antioxidants
Hybrid macromolecular antioxidants based on hydrophilic polymers with chemically grafted sterically hindered phenol fragments in aqueous solution exhibited considerably higher antiradical activityExpand
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Synthesis and properties of macromolecular esters of carboxy-substituted derivatives of hindered phenols
Macromolecular esters were synthesized from carboxy-substituted derivatives of spatially hindered phenols and hydrophilic polymers: dextran, hydroxyethylated starch, poly(ethylene glycols) of variousExpand
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