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Extension of the Reiner–Riwlin equation to determine modified Bingham parameters measured in coaxial cylinders rheometers
The determination of the exact rheological properties, in fundamental units, of cementitious materials has become gradually a necessary step in the domain of concrete science. Several types ofExpand
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Rheology as a tool in concrete science: The use of rheographs and workability boxes
Abstract Rheology can supply valuable and practical information regarding the properties of fresh concrete, how to reach an optimization of the product and how to attain it by the use of rheograph.Expand
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Integration approach of the Couette inverse problem of powder type self-compacting concrete in a wide-gap concentric cylinder rheometer
Abstract For powder type self-compacting concrete (SCC) mixes, commonly used in Belgium, a shear thickening (Herschel–Bulkley) flow behaviour of the fresh mixes is quite often observed. AExpand
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Avoiding inaccurate interpretations of rheological measurements for cement-based materials
Rheology is a high quality tool to evaluate the effect of variations in constituent materials and mixture proportions on fresh properties of cement-based materials. However, interpreting rheologicalExpand
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Experimental Investigations of Aerogel-Incorporated Ultra-High Performance Concrete
Abstract Improvements to concrete will have a large impact in the construction and building sector. As the attention is drawn towards energy-efficient and zero emission buildings, the thermalExpand
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Linking solid particle packing of Eco-SCC to material performance
Abstract The concept of Eco-SCC aims to achieve self-compacting concrete (SCC) design for intermediate compressive strength mixtures that are commonly used in the ready-mix concrete industry.Expand
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One of the obstacles regarding the production of SCC is lack of robustness, which often is ascribed to cement-admixture interaction. In some cases this can result in rejection of SCC by the industry.Expand
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Microstructure and microchemistry of the paste-aggregate interfacial transition zone of high-performance concrete
The microstructure, C-S-H composition and the hydrate distribution of the paste phase, close to aggregates and in the bulk, of mature concretes have been studied. Concrete specimens, and non-concre...
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