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Genetic correlations between reproduction and production traits in swine.
Genetic correlations between reproduction and production traits were estimated in swine. Reproduction traits investigated were age at first service (AFS), number of live-born piglets in the firstExpand
Reduced genetic structure of north Ethiopian cattle revealed by Y-chromosome analysis
Ethiopia is considered to be a putative migratory corridor for both Near-East Bos taurine and Arabian and Indian B. indicus cattle into East Africa. African pastoralism, which is associated withExpand
Genetic analysis of age at first service, return rate, litter size, and weaning-to-first service interval of gilts and sows.
The aim of this study was to estimate genetic parameters of seven traits related to sow reproductive performance. Data on all Norwegian Landrace pigs (NL) born in nucleus herds and raised in nucleusExpand
Genetic analysis of litter size, parturition length, and birth assistance requirements in primiparous sows using a joint linear-threshold animal model.
The aim of this study was to investigate whether selection for number of live born piglets has led to prolonged parturition and increased requirement for birth assistance, resulting in increasedExpand
Selection for lean weight based on ultrasound and CT in a meat line of sheep
Abstract Genetic parameters for carcass traits in lambs at weaning (average age of 128 days) measured by ultrasound (n = 1821) and computer tomography (CT) (n = 234), and response to selection forExpand
Osteochondrosis in pigs diagnosed with computed tomography: heritabilities and genetic correlations to weight gain in specific age intervals.
The aim of this study was to develop a method for scoring osteochondrosis (OC) by using information from computed tomography (CT), as well as to estimate the heritability for OC scored by means of CTExpand
Genetic variation in sows' maternal behaviour, recorded under field conditions
Abstract The present study presents heritabilities for several maternal behavioural traits of sows recorded under field conditions (by the farmer) in Norwegian (N) and Finnish (SF) nucleus herds.Expand
Prediction of fat quality in pig carcasses by near-infrared spectroscopy.
This study was conducted to evaluate the potential of near-infrared (NIR) spectroscopy (NIRS) technology for prediction of the chemical composition (moisture content and fatty acid composition) ofExpand
Genetic diversity and admixture of indigenous cattle from North Ethiopia: implications of historical introgressions in the gateway region to Africa.
Microsatellite variation was surveyed to determine the genetic diversity, population structure and admixture of seven North Ethiopian cattle breeds by combining multiple microsatellite data sets ofExpand
A bio-economic model for calculating economic values of traits for intensive and extensive beef cattle breeds
Abstract A deterministic bio-economic model was developed to estimate marginal economic values for production and functional traits for intensive (Continental) and extensive (British) breed groups inExpand