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Cr(III)-Cr(III) interactions in two alkoxo-bridged heterometallic Zn2Cr2 complexes self-assembled from zinc oxide, Reinecke's salt, and diethanolamine.
Variable-temperature magnetic susceptibility measurements of 1 and 2 show weak antiferromagnetic coupling between chromium centers, and high-field, high-frequency electron paramagnetic resonance spectra were analyzed in terms of the spin Hamiltonian. Expand
Homo- and heterometallic polynuclear transition metal catalysts for alkane CH bonds oxidative functionalization: Recent advances
Abstract Polynuclear homo- and heterometallic complexes of transition metals constitute a broad class of coordination compounds with recognized applications in catalysis, and polymetallic activeExpand
Polynuclear Heterometallic Complexes from Metal Powders: The “Direct Synthesis” Approach
The synthesis of polynuclear coordination compounds, particularly heterometallic coordination compounds, remains a challenge for modern chemistry. Spontaneous self-assembly (SSA) is a primaryExpand
Novel heterometallic Schiff base complexes featuring unusual tetranuclear {Co(III)2Fe(III)2(μ-O)6} and octanuclear {Co(III)4Fe(III)4(μ-O)14} cores: direct synthesis, crystal structures, and magnetic
Crystallographic investigations revealed that the molecular structure of 1 is based on a tetranuclear core, with a chainlike metal arrangement, while the structure of 2 represents the first example of a heterometallic octanuclear core with a quite rare manner of metal organization. Expand
The first heterometallic Cu(II)/Cr(III) complex with an open-chain Schiff-base ligand self-assembled from copper powder, Reineckes salt, ethylendiamine and acetone
Abstract A novel supramolecular assembly [{Cu(enac)}2Cr(NCS)4(NH3)2][Cr(NCS)4(NH3)2]3 · 4(CH3)2CO (enac = 4,6,6-trimethyl-3,7-diazanon-3-ene-1,9-diamine), the first example of a Cu/Cr heterometallicExpand
An unprecedented octanuclear copper core with C(3i) symmetry and a paramagnetic ground state.
A complex of copper, possessing an octanuclear structure of high symmetry, has been prepared by a spontaneous self-assembly reaction of Cu(BF4)2 with N-tert-butyldiethanolamine and reveals aExpand
Structural, magnetic, high-frequency and high-field EPR investigation of double-stranded heterometallic [{Ni(en)2}2(micro-NCS)4Cd(NCS)2](n).nCH3CN polymer self-assembled from cadmium oxide, nickel
A network of weak N-HS hydrogen bonds, involving the terminal NCS ligands and NH2-groups of en, links the infinite chains and results in the formation of an extended supramolecular three-dimensional framework. Expand
N,N-Dimethylethylenediamine in direct and direct template syntheses of Cu(II)/Cr(III) complexes
Abstract Four new heterometallic Cu(II)/Cr(III) complexes with N,N-dimethylethylenediamine (dmen) and its novel Schiff-base derivatives,Expand
A self-assembled octanuclear complex bearing the uncommon close-packed {Fe4Mn4(μ4-O)4(μ-O)4} molecular core.
Variable-temperature (1.8-300 K) magnetic susceptibility measurements reveal an antiferromagnetic coupling among the magnetic centres in . Expand