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Seroprevalence and Correlates of Hepatitis C Virus Infection in Secondary School Children in Enugu, Nigeria
This study has demonstrated an anti-HCV seroprevalence of 1.0% among children aged 10–18 years in Enugu with traditional scarification as the predominant associated risk factor.
Comparative evaluation of fish, crayfish waste, meat and blood meal for broiler production
Conclusively, the use of crayfish waste meal in broilers starter diets and combined proteins in broiler fisher diets should be encouraged.
Influence of African nutmeg (Monodora myristica) on the egg qualities of Japanese quails (Cortunix cortunix)
The study evaluated the influence of toasted Monodora myrisica spice as feed  additive in egg qualities of quail in a Completely Randomized Design and found no significant differences.
Fungal contamination of eye lenses and frames of patients attending optometry clinic at Abia State University, Uturu, Nigeria.
Occupational influences showed that individuals in contact with soil have the most contaminated lenses, and the presence of these fungal species could be significant, as some of them are well-known dermatophyes.
Effect of African nutmeg (Monodora myristica) spice in aflatoxin-infected diets on growth performance of broilers
From the results, Monodora myristica tends to be a beneficial to poultry farmers, since about 90% of the poultry feed ingredients especially grains are constantly exposed to aflatoxin infection from Aspergillus flavus and other mycotoxin infections which hinder maximum nutrient utilization and affect the rate of conversion of feed.
Growth performance and serum chemistry of earthworm ( Hyperiodrilus euryaulos ) cultured in different animal dung media
The experiment was conducted to determine the growth performance and serum biochemistry of earthworms cultured in different animal dung manures in a Completely Randomized Design experiment that
Bio-Economics Of Feeding Cassava Root Meal Based Diets to Broiler Finisher Chickens
It could be suggested that cassava root meal should not exceed 25% as replacement for maize in broiler finisher diets, as beyond this level growth performance is adversely impaired.
Proximate, vitamin and mineral composition of earthworm (Hyperiodrilus euryaulos) cultured indifferent Animal dung Media
The proximate composition of the earthworms cultured in the different animal dung media indicate that the earthworm except those cultured inThe poultry droppings have high crude protein content and can be used to substitute fish meal in livestock diets.
Evaluation of antioxidant potential of African Nutmeg ( Monodora myristica ) on the peroxide value of soya bean oil
The antioxidative activity of African Nutmeg ( Monodora myristica ) was evaluated using ethanol extract of the spice in soya bean oil over a period of 28 days. The peroxide value was used to monitor
Effects of African Nutmeg (Monodora myristica) spice in aflatoxin-infected diets on growth Performance of Japanese Quails (Cortunix Cortunix)
The low liver weight in quails fed Monodora-flavoured diet indicates potential of MonodORA to protect the liver from free radicals that cause stress.