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Importance of Se-glutathione peroxidase, catalase, and Cu/Zn-SOD for cell survival against oxidative stress.
Eukaryotic cells have to constantly cope with highly reactive oxygen-derived free radicals. Their defense against these free radicals is achieved by natural antioxidant molecules but also byExpand
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Protocols to detect senescence-associated beta-galactosidase (SA-βgal) activity, a biomarker of senescent cells in culture and in vivo
Normal cells can permanently lose the ability to proliferate when challenged by potentially oncogenic stress, a process termed cellular senescence. Senescence-associated beta-galactosidase (SA-βgal)Expand
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Cellular and molecular mechanisms of stress-induced premature senescence (SIPS) of human diploid fibroblasts and melanocytes
Replicative senescence of human diploid fibroblasts (HDFs) or melanocytes is caused by the exhaustion of their proliferative potential. Stress-induced premature senescence (SIPS) occurs after manyExpand
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Subcytotoxic H2O2 Stress Triggers a Release of Transforming Growth Factor-β1, Which Induces Biomarkers of Cellular Senescence of Human Diploid Fibroblasts*
Stress-induced premature senescence (SIPS) is induced 3 days after exposure of human diploid fibroblasts to subcytotoxic oxidative stress with H2O2, with appearance of several biomarkers ofExpand
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Induction of replicative senescence biomarkers by sublethal oxidative stresses in normal human fibroblast.
We tested the long-term effects of sublethal oxidative stresses on replicative senescence. WI-38 human diploid fibroblasts (HDFs) at early cumulative population doublings (CPDs) were exposed to fiveExpand
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Repeated exposure of human skin fibroblasts to UVB at subcytotoxic level triggers premature senescence through the TGF-β1 signaling pathway
Premature senescence of human diploid fibroblasts (HDFs) can be induced by exposures to a variety of oxidative stress and DNA damaging agents. In this study we developed a robust model of UVB-inducedExpand
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Signal transduction in H2O2-induced senescence-like phenotype in human diploid fibroblasts.
A stress-induced senescence-like phenotype is induced by exposure of human diploid fibroblasts to subcytotoxic H2O2 stress. Previous studies showed that TGF-beta1 is responsible for the induction ofExpand
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Wheat-derived arabinoxylan oligosaccharides with prebiotic effect increase satietogenic gut peptides and reduce metabolic endotoxemia in diet-induced obese mice
Background:Alterations in the composition of gut microbiota —known as dysbiosis— have been proposed to contribute to the development of obesity, thereby supporting the potential interest of nutrientsExpand
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[Theories of aging].
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HAGR: the Human Ageing Genomic Resources
The Human Ageing Genomic Resources (HAGR) is a collection of online resources for studying the biology of human ageing. Expand
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