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Gut microbiota and diet in patients with different glucose tolerance
This study provides the further evidence concerning the structural modulation of the GM in the T2DM pathogenesis depending on the dietary patterns. Expand
Association between the gut microbiota and diet: Fetal life, early childhood, and further life.
Current evidence concerning the links between gut microbiota composition and dietary patterns throughout life and diet-related factors that influence the gut microbiota in people of all ages are described. Expand
Prevalence of geriatric syndromes among people aged 65 years and older at four community clinics in Moscow
A better understanding of the needs of older adults in Russia is provided and can facilitate planning for medical and social assistance for this population. Expand
Gut Microbiota in Patients with Different Metabolic Statuses: Moscow Study
The results show that there is a relationship between metabolic changes and higher representation of opportunistic pathogens and low diversity of gut microbiota even in apparently healthy participants. Expand
Markers of arterial health could serve as accurate non-invasive predictors of human biological and chronological age
Proposed Male and Female Arterial Indices derive biological age from the results of functional tests which do not require specialized laboratory equipment and, therefore, could be performed in hospitals and community health clinics. Expand
Association of Insulin Resistance, Arterial Stiffness and Telomere Length in Adults Free of Cardiovascular Diseases
The data suggest that IR is associated with cell senescence and arterial aging and could, therefore, become the main target in preventing accelerated arterial Aging, besides blood pressure control. Expand
Short telomere length is associated with arterial aging in patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus
Long lymphocyte telomeres may have a protective effect on the vascular wall and may prevent vascular wall deterioration caused by glucose metabolism disorders caused by diabetes mellitus, a cross-sectional observational study in a high-risk population from Moscow, Russia finds. Expand
[Validation of the questionnaire for screening frailty].
The proportion of patients who scored ≥ 3 points indicates a high prevalence of geriatric syndromes among outpatients in Moscow, and proposes to use a cut-off ≥ 3 point, since it corresponds to a higher value of sensitivity. Expand
[The relationship between inflammatory periodontal diseases and cardiovascular diseases].
Estimated the relationship between inflammatory periodontal diseases and the risk of developing cardiovascular disease. Installed combined effect of periodontitis and cardiovascular disease.
Telomere length and vascular wall in patients with Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus
Enhanced lymphocyte telomere length may have a protective effect on the vascular wall and may prevent damage from carbohydrate metabolism disorders. Expand