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Identification of a small reliable and efficient set of consistent scenarios
  • O. Tietje
  • Mathematics, Computer Science
  • Eur. J. Oper. Res.
  • 16 April 2005
In scenario analyses, in which experts have rated the consistency of impact factor levels, all scenarios are defined by vectors of these impact factors. Expand
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Embedded Case Study Methods
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Evaluation of Pedo-Transfer Functions
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Food purchases: Impacts from the consumers’ point of view investigated with a modular LCA
The goal of this research work was to assist consumers in considering environmental aspects of food consumption. A simplified, modular LCA approach has been used to evaluate the impacts from theExpand
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Accuracy of the saturated hydraulic conductivity prediction by pedo-transfer functions compared to the variability within FAO textural classes
Abstract Saturated hydraulic conductivity is one of the key parameters for water transport models in the unsaturated zone. Several attempts have been made to estimate this parameter from availableExpand
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Volatile biomarkers of pulmonary tuberculosis in the breath.
Pulmonary tuberculosis may alter volatile organic compounds (VOCs) in breath because Mycobacteria and oxidative stress resulting from Mycobacterial infection both generate distinctive VOCs. TheExpand
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The Mixing Triangle: Correlation and Graphical Decision Support for LCA‐based Comparisons
This article analyzes the correlation among damage indicators within one specific LCIA methodology, assesses the implications of such correlation for the use of weighting methods, and proposes a method for graphically displaying choices with respect to weighting. Expand
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Prediction of breast cancer using volatile biomarkers in the breath
SummaryWe evaluated a breath test for volatile organic compounds (VOCs) as a predictor of breast cancer. Breath VOCs were assayed in 51 asymptomatic women with abnormal mammograms and biopsy-provenExpand
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Prediction of lung cancer using volatile biomarkers in breath
9510 Background: In patients with lung cancer, induction of high risk cytochrome p450 genotypes may also accelerate catabolism of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) produced by normal metabolism (e.g.Expand
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Scenario Modelling in Prospective LCA of Transport Systems. Application of Formative Scenario Analysis (11 pp)
AbstractBackground Tools and methods able to cope with uncertainties are essential for improving the credibility of Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) as a decision support tool. Previous approaches haveExpand
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