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Color-kinematic duality for form factors
A bstractRecently a powerful duality between color and kinematics has been proposed for integrands of scattering amplitudes in quite general gauge theories. In this paper the duality proposal isExpand
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A new hypergeometric representation of one-loop scalar integrals in d dimensions
A difference equation w.r.t. space-time dimension $d$ for $n$-point one-loopintegrals with arbitrary momenta and masses is introduced and a solutionpresented. The result can in general be written asExpand
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Generalized recurrence relations for two-loop propagator integrals with arbitrary masses
Abstract An algorithm for calculating two-loop propagator type Feynman diagrams with arbitrary masses and external momentum is proposed. Recurrence relations allowing one to express any scalarExpand
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The gell-mann-low function of QCD in the three-loop approximation
An analytic calculation of the Gell-Mann-Low function and anomalous dimensions for non-Abelian gauge theory with fermions is presented.
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Abstract The dependence of the counterterms √− gR 2 and √− gR μν 2 on gauge parameters is calculated in the one-loop approximation in pure quantum gravity. Gauges are found in which theseExpand
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Two-loop two-point functions with masses: asymptotic expansions and Taylor series, in any dimension
In all mass cases needed for quark and gluon self-energies, the two-loop master diagram is expanded at large and smallq2, ind dimensions, using identities derived from integration by parts.Expand
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New relationships between Feynman integrals
New types of relationships between Feynman integrals are presented. It is shown that Feynman integrals satisfy functional equations connecting integrals with different values of scalar invariants andExpand
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Algebraic reduction of one-loop Feynman graph amplitudes
Abstract An algorithm for the reduction of one-loop n -point tensor integrals to basic integrals is proposed. We transform tensor integrals to scalar integrals with shifted dimension [A.I.Expand
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Three-gluon vertex in arbitrary gauge and dimension.
One-loop off-shell contributions to the three-gluon vertex are calculated, in an arbitrary covariant gauge and in arbitrary space-time dimensions, including quark-loop contributions (with masslessExpand
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Explicit results for the anomalous three point function and non-renormalization theorems
Two-loop corrections for the h V V Ai correlator of the singlet axial and vector currents in QCD are calculated in the chiral limit for arbitrary momenta. Explicit calculations confirm theExpand
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