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New sweet diterpene glucosides from Stevia rebaudiana
Abstract From the leaves of Stevia rebaudiana, two new sweet glucosides, rebaudiosides A and B, were isolated besides the known glucosides, stevioside and steviolbioside. On the basis of IR, MS, 1HExpand
Minor diterpene glycosides from sweet leaves of Rubus suavissimus
From sweet leaves of Rubus suavissimus, 10 new kaurane-type diterpene glycosides named suaviosides were isolated, in addition to the known major sweet glycoside, rubusoside and several known minorExpand
Antiyeast steroidal saponins from Yucca schidigera (Mohave yucca), a new anti-food-deteriorating agent.
A saponin fraction from the stems of Yucca schidigera exhibited potent growth-inhibitory activities against certain food-deteriorating yeasts, film-formingYeasts, and dermatophytic yeasts and fungi, and the relationship between the antiyeast activities and the structures of these saponins is described. Expand
Studies on the Saponins of Ginseng. I. Structures of Ginsenoside-Ro, -Rb1, -Rb2, -Rc and -Rd
Ginsenoside-Ro, -Rb1, -Rb2, -Rc and -Rd, the saponins of Ginseng root (root of Panax ginseng C. A. MEYER) have been isolated. The structures of these saponins have been established as I, II, III, IV,Expand
Degradation of ginseng saponins under mild acidic conditions.
The structures of the prosapogenins were investigated by (13)C-NMR spectroscopy and Rg (1)-prosapogenin II was shown to be a mixture of ginsenoside Rh (1), and its C-20 epimer, produced by hydrolysis followed by epimerization at C- 20. Expand
Studies on Balanites aegyptiaca fruits, an antidiabetic Egyptian folk medicine.
An aqueous extract of mesocarps of the fruits of Balanites aegyptiaca exhibited a prominent antidiabetic activity by oral administration in streptozotocin induced diabetic mice, and two new steroidal saponins were isolated. Expand
13C nmr study of α- and β-anomeric pairs of d-mannopyranosides and l-rhamnopyranosides
Abstract 13C NMR spectra for a variety of α and β-anomeric series of d -mannopyranosides and l -rhamnopyranosides are presented and analyzed in comparison with those of D-glucopyranosides. TheExpand
Improvement of taste of natural sweeteners
Toward improvement of sweetness, studies on tnnsglycosylation of stevi- 01 gl ycosides, stevioside from Steviu rebaudinurn, rubusoside from Rubus suavisimus and their derivatives have beenExpand
Further Studies on Dammarane-Saponins of Ginseng Roots
A new dammarane-saponin named ginsenoside-Ra3 (3) was isolated from both White and Red Ginseng in yields of 0.005%. The structure of 3 was established to be (20S)-protopanaxadiolExpand