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Sensitivity of Cercospora beticola isolates from Serbia to carbendazim and flutriafol
Abstract Cercospora beticola , causal agent of Cercospora leaf spot (CLS) of sugar beet, is primarily controlled by fungicides. Benzimidazole and demethylation inhibiting fungicides, includingExpand
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Evaluation of Bacillus mycoides isolate BmJ and B. mojavensis isolate 203-7 for the control of anthracnose of cucurbits caused by Glomerella cingulata var. orbiculare
Abstract Bacillus mycoides isolate BmJ (BmJ) and Bacillus mojavensis isolate 203-7 (203-7) were tested in the greenhouse for their ability to control Glomerella cingulata var. orbiculare the causalExpand
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Bacterial Wilt of Solanaceae Caused by Ralstonia solanacearum Race 1 Biovar 3 in Mali.
Ralstonia solanacearum (Smith) Yabuuchi et al. causes bacterial wilt worldwide on a wide range of plant species. In Mali, the disease is commonly found on potato (Solanum tuberosum L.), tomatoExpand
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Effects of Strip Tillage in Sugar Beet on Density and Richness of Predatory Arthropods
Abstract Strip tillage, in which tillage and seedbed preparation are limited to a narrow band where the subsequent crop is planted, provides many potential agronomic benefits, including reduced fuelExpand
Evaluation of Fungicides as Root Dips for the Control of Root Rot in Storage, 2009
Root rot in storage can lead to considerable sucrose losses in storage and adversely affect factory processing as well. The use of fungicide treatments applied to the root surface prior to storageExpand
Disease notes - Bacterial root rot
Bacterial root rot initiated by lactic acid bacteria, particularly Leuconostoc, occurs every year in Idaho sugarbeet fields. Hot fall weather seems to make the problem worse. Although LeuconostocExpand
Reducing sucrose loss in sugar beet storage with fungicides
Root rots in sugar beet storage can lead to multi-million dollar losses because of reduced sucrose recovery. Thus, studies were conducted to establish better chemical control options and a betterExpand