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Complex network measures of brain connectivity: Uses and interpretations
We discuss construction of brain networks from connectivity data and describe the most commonly used network measures of structural and functional connectivity, as well as their neurobiological interpretations. Expand
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Mapping the Structural Core of Human Cerebral Cortex
Structurally segregated and functionally specialized regions of the human cerebral cortex are interconnected by a dense network of cortico-cortical axonal pathways. By using diffusion spectrumExpand
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Complex brain networks: graph theoretical analysis of structural and functional systems
Recent developments in the quantitative analysis of complex networks, based largely on graph theory, have been rapidly translated to studies of brain network organization. The brain's structural andExpand
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The economy of brain network organization
The brain is expensive, incurring high material and metabolic costs for its size — relative to the size of the body — and many aspects of brain network organization can be mostly explained by aExpand
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Rich-Club Organization of the Human Connectome
The human brain is a complex network of interlinked regions. Recent studies have demonstrated the existence of a number of highly connected and highly central neocortical hub regions, regions thatExpand
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Predicting human resting-state functional connectivity from structural connectivity
In the cerebral cortex, the activity levels of neuronal populations are continuously fluctuating. Expand
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Networks of the Brain
Over the last decade, the study of complex networks has expanded across diverse scientific fields. Increasingly, science is concerned with the structure, behavior, and evolution of complex systemsExpand
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The Human Connectome: A Structural Description of the Human Brain
We propose a research strategy to achieve this goal, and discuss its potential impact in cognitive neuroscience and neuropsychology. Expand
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Network structure of cerebral cortex shapes functional connectivity on multiple time scales
Neuronal dynamics unfolding within the cerebral cortex exhibit complex spatial and temporal patterns even in the absence of external input. Expand
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