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Reconfiguration as a Prerequisite for Survival in Highly Unstable Flow-Dominated Habitats
Unstable and mechanically demanding habitats like wind-exposed open fields or the wave-swept intertidal require rapid adaptive processes to ensure survival. The mechanism of passive reconfigurationExpand
Process Sequences In Biomimetic Research
The entire developmental process from the biological template to the marketable biomimetic product is characterized by close cooperation between biologists, engineers and other scientists involved inExpand
Insulation capability of the bark of trees with different fire adaptation
When exposed to a surface fire, the probability of a tree to survive widely varies, depending on its capability to protect the cambium from lethal temperatures above 60 °C. Thereby, the bark, theExpand
Field measurements of wind speed and reconfiguration in Arundo donax (Poaceae) with estimates of drag forces.
  • O. Speck
  • Biology, Medicine
  • American journal of botany
  • 1 August 2003
The giant reed (Arundo donax) is well known as a species that can withstand high wind loads without mechanical damage. To examine wind impact, profiles of vertical wind speeds in the plant's naturalExpand
Oscillations of plants' stems and their damping: theory and experimentation.
Free oscillations of upright plants' stems, or in technical terms slender tapered rods with one end free, can be modelled by considering the equilibrium between bending moments and moments resultingExpand
Mechanical Properties of the Rhizome of Arundo donax L.
: The mechanical properties of rhizome segments of Arundo donax L. were studied in three dimensions: longitudinal (X), transverse-vertical (Y), transverse-horizontal (Z). Tensile, cyclic loading andExpand
Sustainability assessment of a lightweight biomimetic ceiling structure.
An intensive and continuous debate centres on the question of whether biomimetics has a specific potential to contribute to sustainability. In the context of a case study, the objective of this paperExpand
: As in Equisetum giganteum, the hollow stem of Equisetum hyemale owes the mechanical stability of the internodes to an outer ring of strengthening tissue (hypodermal sterome) which providesExpand
Oscillation frequencies of tapered plant stems.
Free oscillations of upright plant stems, or in technical terms, slender tapered rods with one end free, can be described by considering the equilibrium between bending moments in the form of aExpand
Biomimetic bio-inspired biomorph sustainable? An attempt to classify and clarify biology-derived technical developments.
Over the last few decades, the systematic approach of knowledge transfer from biological concept generators to technical applications has received increasing attention, particularly becauseExpand