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The Walls of Jerusalem: Preserving the Past, Controlling the Future, First Edition. Alan Balfour. © 2019 John Wiley & Sons, Inc. Published 2019 by John Wiley & Sons, Inc. In the face of continualExpand
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Cervicogenic Headache: Diagnostic Criteria
Criteria for the diagnosis of cervicogenic headache are proposed, which include unilateral head pain, symptoms and signs of neck involvement, non-clustering episodic moderate pain originating in theExpand
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“Hemicrania Continua”: Another Headache Absolutely Responsive to Indomethacin
Two cases suffering from a headache apparently at variance with well recognized headaches are described. It is characterized by a steady, non-paroxysmal, probably severe to moderately severeExpand
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SUNCT Syndrome. A Clinical Review
The clinical features of SUNCT syndrome have been reviewed in 21 patients. There were 17 men and 4 women, rendering a clear male preponderance (ratio of 4.25). The mean age at onset was around 51Expand
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Cervicogenic headache: long‐term prognosis after neck surgery
Objectives –  To evaluate the postoperative fate of chronic, hard‐to‐treat and partly suicidal cervicogenic headache (CEH) patients (n = 32), diagnosed according to the CHISG criteria and treatedExpand
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Shortlasting, Unilateral Neuralgiform Headache Attacks with Conjunctival Injection, Tearing, Sweating, and Rhinorrhea
Three grown-up males with a long-lasting history of rather uniform, unilateral headache in the ocular-periocular area, in cluster fashion, are examined. Pain paroxysms of short duration (15–60 sec)Expand
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Prevalence of cervicogenic headache: Vågå study of headache epidemiology
Objectives –  To describe the prevalence and various clinical characteristics of cervicogenic headache (CEH) in the population at large.
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A headache disorder with shortlasting, frequently occurring (6–18/24 hours) head pain attacks is reported. The pain is excruciatingly severe, unilateral (always on the same side), unaccompanied byExpand
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