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Architecture of Descent
The focus of this article is on the relationship between history, identity, and architectural design in a city defined by dispossession and displacement. The former German Königsberg, today’s Russian
Commoning beyond ‘commons’: The case of the Russian ‘obshcheye’
How do the semantic logics that different words accommodate in different languages map onto studies of social realities internationally and interdisciplinarily? This article is an ethnographic study
Historical Representation and the Politics of Memory in Kaliningrad, Former Königsberg
A crisis of historical representation after 1991 resulted in Kaliningrad, former German Konigsberg, in the need to re-examine its history. The narrative of origins of the place is closely connected
Ugly and uglier: defining value and politics in architecture
ABSTRACT This article seeks to broaden theoretical and methodological approaches to urban aesthetics by introducing the sociology of (e)valuation and Q-sort methodology. In explaining which elements