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Highly hydroxylated marine steroids from the starfish Archaster typicus
Seven new marine polyhydroxysteroids, (1)–(7), of which four have a 27-norcholestane skeleton, have been isolated by droplet counter-current chromatography and reversed-phase h.p.l.c. from theExpand
Starfish saponins—XVI. Composition of the steroidal glycoside sulphates from the starfish luidia maculata☆
Abstract 1. 1. The saponins mixture isolated from Luidia maculata was resolved into five individual components and the isolated sulphated steroidal glycosides were fully characterized. 2. 2. One ofExpand
Structure elucidation of (22E,24R,25R)-24-methyl-5α-cholest-22-ene-3β,4β,5,6α,8,14,15α,25,26-nonaol and (22E,24S)-24-methyl–5α-cholest-22-ene-3β,4β,5,6α,8,14,15α,25,28-nonaol, minor marine
The structures of two minor polyhydroxysteroids isolated from the starfish Archaster typicus were determined as (22E,24R,25R)-24-methyl-5α-cholest-22-ene-3β,4β,5,6α,8,14,15α,25,26-nonaol (4) andExpand
Starfish Saponins, Part 35. Two Novel Steroidal Xyloside Sulfates from the Starfish Marthasterias glacialis.
Continuing with the work on biologically active compounds from echinoderms, the extractives from the whole bodies of M. glacialis are re-investigated and two new sdfited steroidal monoglycosides are isolated, in small amounts, named glacialosides A and B. Expand