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Three ways of assessing metapopulation structure in the butterfly Plebejus argus
Migration and dispersal ability, colonization of newly created habitat, and genetic differentiation of local populations within a metapopulation was investigated in the butterfly Plebejus argus. Expand
Genetic Analysis of Founder Bottlenecks in the Rare British Butterfly Plebejus argus
Significant reductions in the numbers of rare allozyme alleles were found in descendent populations, presumably as a result of drift during colonization bottlenecks, and there was no evidence for any increase in fluctuating asymmetry among descendedent populations. Expand
A test for assessment of saproxylic beetle biodiversity using subsets of "monitoring species"
The number of rare species or the species richness of single beetle families was very weak and the subsets consisting of the identifiable (or only easy-to-identify species) could easily be applied in practice and appear to be the best performing subsets, from a global point of view. Expand
A quick and simple nonlethal method for extracting DNA from butterfly wings
This work reports on an extremely quick and simple, noninvasive technique for extracting DNA from butterfly wing fragments that will allow efficient and rapid field sampling without the need for cumbersome cold storage apparatus. Expand