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The Cascading Reservoir Continuum Concept (CRCC) and its application to the river Tietê-basin, São Paulo State, Brazil
Major changes in the water quality and basic features of phytoplankton assemblages in a series (cascade) of 7 reservoirs int he middle Tiete river, south-east Brazil were investigated in FebruaryExpand
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Composition and abundance of zooplankton in the limnetic zone of seven reservoirs of the Paranapanema River, Brazil.
The species composition and abundance of the zooplankton community of seven reservoirs of the Paranapanema River, located between 22 degrees 37'-23 degrees 11'S and 48 degrees 55'-50 degrees 32'W,Expand
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Zooplankton community structure of two marginal lakes of the River Cuiabá (Mato Grosso, Brazil) with analysis of Rotifera and Cladocera diversity.
In the present study, two small lakes on the margins of the River Cuiabá were analyzed regarding taxonomic composition and population densities of the zooplankton. Diversity was evaluated for twoExpand
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Phytoplankton community and physical-chemical characteristics of water in the public reservoir of Cruzeta, RN, Brazil.
The Phytoplankton community and the abiotic factors of the Cruzeta reservoir were studied at three depths, surface, middle (2 m) and bottom, from September, 2004 to June, 2005, in order toExpand
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Population structure and reproductive biology of Cichla kelberi (Perciformes, Cichlidae) in Lobo Reservoir, Brazil
The structure of Cichla kelberi population was characterized regarding the sex ratio, total length composition and some reproductive characteristics. The specimens were collected in two periods, fromExpand
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First record of the occurrence of Ceratium furcoides (Levander) Langhans 1925, an invasive species in the hydroelectricity power plant Furnas Reservoir, MG, Brazil.
. This reservoir belongs to the Rio Grande Basin, located in the Southeast region of Brazil (46° 19’ W and 20° 40’ S). The reservoir has complex basin morphology, with a dendritic shape andExpand
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Denitrification and bacterial community structure in the cascade of six reservoirs on a tropical river in Brazil
Denitrification activity was measured by the acetylene blockage technique in six reservoirs of the Tietê River, southeastern Brazil, in March 1999 and July 1999. The total number of bacteria wasExpand
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Aerobic and anaerobic metabolism for the zebrafish, Danio rerio, reared under normoxic and hypoxic conditions and exposed to acute hypoxia during development.
In order to verify the influence of chronic and acute ambient oxygen levels from egg to adult stage of the zebrafish, in vivo oxygen consumption (MO2), critical tensions of oxygen (Pcrit), heart rateExpand
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Acute Toxicity Tests with the Tropical Cladoceran Pseudosida ramosa: The Importance of Using Native Species as Test Organisms
Cladocerans have long been used for toxicological assessments of a diverse range of substances. The use of cladocerans in toxicity tests has many advantages, such as their short life cycle,Expand
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