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Body condition related to ketosis and reproductive performance in Norwegian dairy cows.
The relationships between body condition score (BCS) and ketosis, and between BCS and reproductive performance in 732 moderate yielding, dual-purpose cows were studied. The cows were of the breedExpand
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Milk culture results in a large Norwegian survey--effects of season, parity, days in milk, resistance, and clustering.
A nationwide random computerized assignment survey that included 3,538 sets of 4 quarter milk samples from 2,834 dairy cows was conducted during 2000. Every fifth cow from every 50th herd wasExpand
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Prevalence of clinical and subclinical mastitis and quality of milk on smallholder dairy farms in Tanzania.
A cross sectional study was conducted during October and November 2006 on 69 smallholder dairy farms with lactating cows in Mvomero and Njombe districts Tanzania, to determine the prevalence ofExpand
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Effects of gestational and lactational exposure to low doses of PCBs 126 and 153 on anterior pituitary and gonadal hormones and on puberty in female goats.
The aim of the present study was to investigate if environmental doses of PCB 153 and PCB 126 could produce effects in a controlled animal model. Possible adverse effects on theExpand
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A comparative study of reproductive performance in organic and conventional dairy husbandry.
A comparative cohort study of reproductive performance in organic and conventional dairy husbandry was conducted using longitudinal data from the Norwegian National Board of Animal ProductionExpand
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Calf health and management in smallholder dairy farms in Tanzania
Smallholder farmers’ knowledge and practice of dairy calf management on 129 farms with calves less than 10 months of age in Southeastern and Southern Highland areas of Tanzania was assessed. TheExpand
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Forage availability and its quality in the dry season on smallholder dairy farms in Tanzania
Abstract The study was conducted on smallholder dairy farmers in Tanzania. A number of forage species and feed supplements were collected and analysed. Panicum maximum and P. purpureum constitutedExpand
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Relationships between milk culture results and milk yield in Norwegian dairy cattle.
Associations between test-day milk yield and positive milk cultures for Staphylococcus aureus, Streptococcus spp., and other mastitis pathogens or a negative milk culture for mastitis pathogens wereExpand
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The association between immunoglobulin G in sow colostrum and piglet plasma.
Colostrum provides newborn piglets with energy and passive immunity and is essential for survival of the piglets. The plasma concentration of immunoglobulin G (IgG) in piglets is dependent on severalExpand
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Production traits of litters in 2 crossbred Duroc pig lines.
Genetics of different pig lines affects litter size, birth weight, and neonatal losses. Low birth weight has long been associated with neonatal losses, but piglet body mass index is reported to showExpand
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