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A weakly coupled adaptive gossip protocol for application level active networks
A novel approach, based on gossip protocols and firefly synchronisation theory, for the management policy distribution and synchronisation over a number of nodes in an application level active network (ALAN), which is presented in the context of the IST project ANDROID.
Applying UML to Design an Inter-domain Service Management Application
We present a component-oriented approach to demonstrate the use of the Unified Modeling Language (UML) and Open Distributed Processing (ODP) concepts to design service components of a
Policy-Based Resource Management for Application Level Active Networks
This work develops resource models and metrics that take into account three categories: bandwidth, memory and processing in an active networking environment and defines the necessary classes of policies in order to achieve efficient resource management.
Development of Grid e-Infrastructure in South-Eastern Europe
An overview of the development and current status of SEE-GRID regional infrastructure is given and its transition to the NGI-based Grid model in EGI is described, with the strong SEE regional collaboration.
Policy-based management for ALAN-enabled networks
The architecture, policy schema, and policy specifications necessary to accomplish effective management of the application level active networking (ALAN) environment are presented and preliminary results were demonstrated during the trial.
SEE-GRID eInfrastructure for regional eScience
This paper reviews the most important developments and contributions by the SEEGRID- SCI project and outlines a number of concrete operational and organizational guidelines which can be adapted to help e-Infrastructure developments in other world regions.
Active Robust Resource Management in Cluster Computing Using Policies
An approach based on policy concepts is adopted, allowing support for active, dynamic adaptability in network elements, services and end-user applications, as well as achieving decentralization and distribution in emerging communications and computing paradigms such as Active Networks and the Grid.
Integrity methodology for interoperable environments
This article presents a framework for analyzing the integrity features of telecommunications systems, and elaborates on integrity-preserving policies that can be applied during system development and deployment, and a description of a case study based on ACTS project TRUMPET.
TRUMPET service management architecture
This paper describes the service-level management architecture, developed to support the aims of the TRUMPET (DGXIIIB, AC112) project: to investigate secure, high integrity interactions between
Security and resource policy-based mangagement architecture for ALAN servers
This paper presents the security and resource management architecture developed to support the application of the ANDROID policy-based principles to manage the ALAN servers, and presents the architecture, as well as the sample policy sets.