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Lightning Parameters for Engineering Applications
Negative cloud‐to‐ground lightning properties from high‐speed video observations
[1] From analysis of digital high-speed video records of 233 negative cloud-to-ground (CG) lightning flashes associated with 27 thunderstorms in southeastern Brazil, various lightning properties haveExpand
WWLL global lightning detection system: Regional validation study in Brazil
[1] An experimental lightning detection network, the World Wide Lightning Location network (WWLL), is being developed to provide real time global coverage with 10 km location accuracy and at leastExpand
Evidence of thermal and aerosol effects on the cloud‐to‐ground lightning density and polarity over large urban areas of Southeastern Brazil
[1] The Brazilian lightning detection network detected about 310,000 cloud-to-ground flashes over three large metropolitan areas in Southeastern Brazil during three summer seasons (from 2000 toExpand
Lightning casualty demographics in Brazil and their implications for safety rules
A 10-year study of lightning fatalities in Brazil is presented. It is the most complete study undertaken in South America. The study indicates the death rates in the country sorted by season, state,Expand
Cloud-to-ground lightning in southeastern Brazil in 1993: 2. Time variations and flash characteristics
About 1.1 million cloud-to-ground lightning flashes were recorded by a lightning positioning and tracking system in southcastern Brazil in 1993. The data have been analyzed in terms of their monthly,Expand
Statistical analysis of space-time relationships between sprites and lightning
Abstract We present a detailed statistical analysis of the association of 40 sprite events with lightning from the parent thunderstorm. Both temporal and spatial criteria were used to identify theExpand
Positive leader characteristics from high-speed video observations
values range from 0.3 to 6.0 10 5 ms 1 with a mean of 2.7 10 5 ms 1 . Contrary to what is usually assumed, downward +CG leader speeds are similar to downward CG leader speeds. Our observations alsoExpand
A study of the long-term variability of thunderstorm days in southeast Brazil
[1] In this report thunderstorm day monthly records obtained in three cities of southeast Brazil (Sao Paulo, Campinas, and Rio de Janeiro) since the 19th century are analyzed. The analysis isExpand
Climatology of large peak current cloud-to-ground lightning flashes in southeastern Brazil
[1] The goal of this article is to present the first climatology of large peak current cloud-to-ground (LPCCG) flashes in southeastern Brazil, in terms of flash density, percentage of positive LPCCGExpand