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Two‐beam photoacoustic phase measurement of the thermal diffusivity of solids
A simple method is demonstrated for obtaining the thermal diffusivity of solids, by measuring the phase lag between a front and rear illumination, at a single chopping frequency. The method is testedExpand
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Can the Decoherence Approach Help to Solve the Measurement Problem?
  • O. Pessoa
  • Mathematics, Computer Science
  • Synthese
  • 1 December 1997
This work examines whether the environmentally-induced decoherence approach in quantum mechanics brings us any closer to solving the measurement problem, and whether it contributes to the elimination of subjectivism in quantum theory. Expand
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Quando a abordagem histórica deve ser usada no ensino de ciências
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Bell’s theorem without inequalities: on the inception and scope of the GHZ theorem
Since its inception, fifty years ago, Bell’s theorem has had a long history not only of experimental tests but also of theoretical developments. Studying pairs of correlated quantum-mechanicalExpand
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Modeling the Causal Structure of the History of Science
This paper is an overview of an approach in the philosophy of science of constructing causal models of the history of science. Units of scientific knowledge, called “advances”, are taken to beExpand
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Low‐density polyethylene depth profile analysis by photoacoustic spectroscopy
Near-infrared photoacoustic spectra of polyethylene (1 mm slab) were taken in the modulation range 10–240 Hz, which corresponds to thermal diffusion layers in the 56−11 μm range. Thick-layer spectraExpand
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Simplerealizations of generalized measurements in quantum mechanics
This paper discusses the approach to the analysis of measurements in quantum mechanics which is based on a set of "detection operators" forming a resolution of identity. The expectation value of eachExpand
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Reversibility and the Interpretation of Mixtures in Quantum Mechanics
  • O. Pessoa
  • Mathematics
  • PSA: Proceedings of the Biennial Meeting of the…
  • 1 January 1992
This paper examines the problem of the interpretation of mixtures in quantum mechanics, presenting a survey of the philosophical debate between the ignorance interpretation (IgI) and theExpand
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Causal Models in the History of Science
The investigation of a method for postulating counterfactual histories of science has led to the development of a theory of science based on general units of knowledge, which are called "advances".Expand
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