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Experimental observation of optical bound states in the continuum.
We present the experimental observation of bound states in the continuum. Our experiments are carried out in an optical waveguide array structure, where the bound state (guided mode) is decoupledExpand
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Conical diffraction and gap solitons in honeycomb photonic lattices
We predict and present the first observation of conical diffraction arising from k-space singularities in the band-structure of a periodic potential. The experiments are carried out in honeycombExpand
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Breakdown of Dirac dynamics in honeycomb lattices due to nonlinear interactions
We study the dynamics of coherent waves in nonlinear honeycomb lattices and show that nonlinearity breaks down the Dirac dynamics. As an example, we demonstrate that even a weak nonlinearity hasExpand
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Experimental time-resolved imaging by multiplexed ptychography.
A recently proposed technique introduced a time-resolved option of fast transient non-repetitive events to ptychographic microscopy. Expand
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Klein tunneling in deformed honeycomb lattices.
We study the scattering of waves off a potential step in deformed honeycomb lattices. For deformations below a critical value, perfect Klein tunneling is obtained; i.e., a potential step transmitsExpand
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Symmetry breaking in honeycomb photonic lattices.
We study the phenomena associated with symmetry breaking in honeycomb photonic lattices. As the honeycomb structure is gradually deformed, conical diffraction around its diabolic points becomesExpand
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Experimental observation of Rabi oscillations in photonic lattices.
We demonstrate spatial Rabi oscillations in optical waveguide arrays. Adiabatic transitions between extended Floquet-Bloch modes associated with different bands are stimulated by periodic modulationExpand
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Observation of soliton tunneling phenomena and soliton ejection.
We study, theoretically and experimentally, the nonlinear dynamics of a wave packet launched inside a trap potential. Increasing the power of the wave packet transforms its dynamics from linearExpand
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Self-trapping of optical beams through thermophoresis.
We demonstrate, theoretically and experimentally, self-trapping of optical beams in nanoparticle suspensions by virtue of thermophoresis. We use light to control the local concentration ofExpand
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Optical transitions and Rabi oscillations in waveguide arrays.
It is theoretically demonstrated that Rabi interband oscillations are possible in waveguide arrays. Such transitions can take place in optical lattices when the unit-cell is periodically modulatedExpand
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