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Natural Pigments: Carotenoids, Anthocyanins, and Betalains — Characteristics, Biosynthesis, Processing, and Stability
Pigments are present in all living matter and provide attractive colors and play basic roles in the development of organisms. Human beings, like most animals, come in contact with their surroundingsExpand
Chickpea Protein Isolates: Physicochemical, Functional and Nutritional Characterization
Proteins were isolated from chickpea flour by micellization and isoelectric precipitation techniques. Protein content ranged from 84.8-87.8%. Denaturation temperature and transition enthalpy, byExpand
Berries: Improving Human Health and Healthy Aging, and Promoting Quality Life—A Review
The importance of the diet in relation to human health has increased the interest of consumers on nutraceuticals rich foods, and especially on fruits and vegetables. Berries are rich sources of aExpand
Edible Mushrooms: Improving Human Health and Promoting Quality Life
Mushrooms have been consumed since earliest history; ancient Greeks believed that mushrooms provided strength for warriors in battle, and the Romans perceived them as the “Food of the Gods.” ForExpand
Chemical components with health implications in wild and cultivated Mexican common bean seeds (Phaseolus vulgaris L.).
Common bean effects on health have been related to its dietary fiber content and other active compounds. This study assessed the content of flavonoids, coumestrol, phenolic acids,Expand
Hard-to-cook phenomenon in common beans--a review.
Legumes are one of the world's most important sources of food supply, especially in developing countries, in terms of food energy as well as nutrients. Common beans are a good source of proteins,Expand
Phytochemical profile and nutraceutical potential of chia seeds (Salvia hispanica L.) by ultra high performance liquid chromatography.
Chia seeds (Salvia hispanica) were analyzed for total phenolic compounds, antioxidant activity, and quantification of phenolic acids and isoflavones by ultra high performance liquid chromatographyExpand
Putative Quantitative Trait Loci for Physical and Chemical Components of Common Bean
In common bean (Phaseolus vulgaris L.), some nutritional traits such as proteins and mineral content are lower in the cultivated form as compared with the wild counterpart. To assess the feasibilityExpand
Natural Colorants for Food and Nutraceutical Uses
Colorants: From the Physical Phenomenon to their Nutraceutical Properties: An Overview The Color Phenomenon Definition Human Perception Measurement Pigments Definition A World of Colorless CompoundsExpand