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The structure and function of pine forest in central Himalaya. I: Dry matter dynamics
The present study deals with structure and function of four areas of Himalayan chir pine forest. Tree layer was monospecific on all sites with varied density and basal cover in the range of 540-1630Expand
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Predictive models for dry weight estimation of above and below ground biomass components of Populus deltoides in India: Development and comparative diagnosis
Abstract This article concentrates on development of statistical models for prediction of biomass components (above and below ground) of standing trees of Populus deltoides . Twenty seven treesExpand
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Biomass production and carbon sequestration in different tree-based systems of Central Himalayan Tarai region
Biomass, carbon storage and carbon dioxide mitigation potential of plantations of Populus deltoides, Eucalyptus tereticornis, Dalbergia sissoo, Mangifera indica, Litchi chinensis and Prunus salicinaExpand
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Root biomass and distribution of five agroforestry tree species
Knowledge of the quantitative assessment and structural development of root systems is essential to improve and optimize productivity of agroforestry systems. Studies on root biomass recovery byExpand
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Correlation and Path Analysis Studies Between Biomass and Other Characters in Bombax ceiba L.
Abstract The genotypic and phenotypic correlation and path analysis of plant biomass, plant height, stem diameter and other biomass component traits were analyzed in thirty provenances of BombaxExpand
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The Structure and Function of Pine Forest in Central Himalaya. II Nutrient Dynamics
This paper elucidates nutrient dynamics in a pine forest, previously investigated for dry matter dynamics. The nutrient concentrations in different life forms were of the order: herb > shrub > treeExpand
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Structure and Function of Populus deltoides Agroforestry Systems in Eastern India: 2. Nutrient dynamics
Nutrient concentrations in plant and soil and their rates of cycling in poplar (Populus deltoides)-based agroforestry systems were studied at Pusa, Bihar, India. The nutrient concentrations in theExpand
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Structure and Function of Populus deltoides Agroforestry Systems in Eastern India: 1. Dry matter dynamics
Agroforestry systems based on poplar (Populus deltoides) are becoming popular in eastern and northern parts of India. Therefore studies on the structure and function of the systems are important. TheExpand
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