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Observation on Some Haematological Parameters of Nigerian Women during Pregnancy
Objective: To determine the variations or changes (if any) in total and differential leukocyte counts (WBC, total and differential), haemoglobin concentration (Hb), packed cell volume (PCV) andExpand
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Evidence for the pathogenic role of Rhodococcus species in pulmonary diseases.
  • O. Osoagbaka
  • Biology, Medicine
  • The Journal of applied bacteriology
  • 1 June 1989
Three hundred expectorated sputa from patients suffering from chest disorders were examined microscopically and cultured on various media. Among other micro-organisms isolated there were four strainsExpand
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Presumptive diagnosis of pulmonary nocardiosis: value of sputum microscopy.
Three hundred samples of sputum from patients suffering from various forms of pulmonary disorders were homogenized by pancreatic digestion, examined microscopically and cultured on brain heartExpand
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In-vitro susceptibility patterns of some major respiratory tract pathogens in Nigeria to eleven selected antibiotics.
  • O. Osoagbaka
  • Medicine
  • West African journal of medicine
  • 1 October 1990
A study of the antibiotic sensitivity patterns of nine pathogens isolated from bronchopulmonary infections was made using the disc diffusion method. Erythromycin, carbenicillin and chloramphenicolExpand
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Aspergillus and Candida Species Isolated from the Sputa of Patients with Bronchopulmonary Disorders in Nigeria
Summary: Sputum specimens from 100 patients with bronchopulmonary disorders were investigated for micro‐organisms of etiologic significance. Screening tests were put up for fungi. In the process, itExpand
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Nocardiosis in pulmonary diseases in parts of Nigeria. I. Preliminary observations on five cases.
One hundred specimens of purulent of mucopurulent sputum form patients clinically known to be suffering from a variety of broncho-pulmonary diseases including chronic bronchitis, bronchiectasis,Expand
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Immunodominant Nocardia asteroides antigens: isolation and characterisation by enzyme-linked immunoelectrotransfer blotting, and the value of immunoblot strips.
Concentrated cell-free filtrates (nocardins) were prepared from Nocardia asteroides cultures grown on Sauton's synthetic broth. Nocardins from 10 strains of six N. asteroides serotypes were producedExpand
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Effect of presensitization of Nocardia asteroides with specific antibody on the viability of the organism
  • O. Osoagbaka
  • Biology, Medicine
  • World journal of microbiology & biotechnology
  • 1 November 1996
Nocardia asteroides from various growth phases was treated in vitro with normal rabbit sera, immune rabbit sera containing nocardial polyclonal antibodies and a monoclonal antibody. At intervals,Expand
Health risks associated with ice cream consumption
The health risks associated with ice cream consumption in Port Harcourt, Nigeria were studied. The microbiological and physico-chemical properties of ten different brands of ice cream products wereExpand
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