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Overview of electronic waste (e-waste) management practices and legislations, and their poor applications in the developing countries
Abstract The developing countries are facing huge challenges in the management of electronic waste (e-waste) which are either internally generated or imported illegally as ‘used’ goods in an attempt
The challenge of electronic waste (e-waste) management in developing countries
Effective management of e-waste in the developing countries demands the implementation of EPR, the establishment of product reuse through remanufacturing and the introduction of efficient recycling facilities.
Review of heavy metals in the African aquatic environment.
Compared to more industrialized regions and with the exception of some hot-spot sites, the concentrations of heavy metals in African aquatic systems were low and close to natural background levels; in view of the expected increase in urbanization and socio-economic activities in Africa, sources and quantities of heavy metal discharges to aquatic environments have to be identified.
Evaluation of Groundwater Quality Characteristics near Two Waste Sites in Ibadan and Lagos, Nigeria
Two industrial and highly populated cities namely Ibadan and Lagos, both located in Southwestern Nigeria have urban migrationproblems and resource limitations. As a result, the development of
Residues of organochlorine pesticides in fruits, vegetables and tubers from Nigerian markets.
Levels of organochlorine pesticides determined in raw fruits, vegetables and tubers from markets in Nigeria were generally low and none were above the FAOs maximum residue limits.
Electronic waste (e-waste): material flows and management practices in Nigeria.
The material flow of secondhand/scrap electronic devices into Nigeria, the current management practices for e-waste and the environmental and health implications of such low-end management practices are reviewed.
The impact of industries on surface water quality of River Ona and River Alaro in Oluyole Industrial Estate, Ibadan, Nigeria
Samples of water from two rivers (River Ona and River Alaro) in Oluyole Industrial Estate, Ibadan, Nigeria were analysed to evaluate the impact of industrial discharges on the surface water quality.
An in vivo evaluation of induction of abnormal sperm morphology in mice by landfill leachates.
Physico-chemical analysis of the test samples shows that they contained constituents that are capable of inducing mutation in biologic system, which is relevant in environmental waste management, and for the assessment of the hazardous effects of the chemicals in landfill leachates.
Pollution studies on Nigerian rivers, II: Water quality of some Nigerian rivers
Abstract Twenty-six Nigerian rivers were sampled during the dry season periods of 1977 and 1978. The samples were analysed for Biochemical Oxygen Demand (BOD5); Chemical Oxygen Demand (COD), pH,
Survey of willingness of residents to participate in electronic waste recycling in Nigeria – A case study of mobile phone recycling
Abstract Presently, large quantities of waste mobile phones are being generated in Nigeria with a significant proportion in storage. This paper investigated the behavior of consumers in Nigeria