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Phylogeny of caecilian amphibians (Gymnophiona) based on complete mitochondrial genomes and nuclear RAG1.
We determined the complete nucleotide sequence of the mitochondrial (mt) genome of five individual caecilians (Amphibia: Gymnophiona) representing five of the six recognized families: RhinatremaExpand
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Local Endemism Within the Western Ghats-Sri Lanka Biodiversity Hotspot
The apparent biotic affinities between the mainland and the island in the Western Ghats–Sri Lanka biodiversity hotspot have been interpreted as the result of frequent migrations during recent periodsExpand
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A molecular phylogeny of ichthyophiid caecilians (Amphibia: Gymnophiona: Ichthyophiidae): out of India or out of South East Asia?
Recent molecular phylogenetic studies indicate that the rafting Indian plate harboured several isolated vertebrate lineages between ca. 130 and 56 Myr ago that dispersed and diversified ‘out of Indi’Expand
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In vivo protective effect of dietary curcumin in fish Anabas testudineus (Bloch)
The present study describes, for the first time, the protective effect of natural curcumin in vivo in a lower vertebrate, a teleost, Anabas testudineus (Bloch). Two doses of curcumin 0.5 and 1% wereExpand
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Nuclear transcription factor NF-kappa B: role in biology and medicine.
The inducible transcription factor nuclear factor-kappa B (NF-kappaB) plays a central role in regulation of many immune, inflammatory and carcinogenic responses. While normal activation of NF-kappaBExpand
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From chemoprevention to chemotherapy: common targets and common goals
Three decades of research have revealed that cancer is easier to prevent than to treat and that consumption of certain fruits and vegetables can reduce the risk of cancer. Whereas chemotherapy isExpand
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Thyroid hormones regulate lipid peroxidation and antioxidant enzyme activities in Anabas testudineus (Bloch).
The role of thyroid hormones in metabolic pathways are well known. However, their involvement in lipid peroxidation and antioxidant enzyme activities is not known. In this study, the in vivoExpand
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Phylogenetic relationships of Indian caecilians (Amphibia: Gymnophiona) inferred from mitochondrial rRNA gene sequences.
India has a diverse caecilian fauna, including representatives of three of the six currently recognized families, the Caeciliidae, Ichthyophiidae, the endemic Uraeotyphlidae, but previous molecularExpand
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Rapid action of cortisol and testosterone on lipogenic enzymes in a fresh water fish Oreochromis mossambicus: short-term in vivo and in vitro study.
Rapid action of steroid hormones on lipid metabolism is not reported so far in any vertebrate. The present study was intended to evaluate the quick actions of cortisol and testosterone on enzymes,Expand
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Isodeoxyelephantopin, a Novel Sesquiterpene Lactone, Potentiates Apoptosis, Inhibits Invasion, and Abolishes Osteoclastogenesis through Suppression of Nuclear Factor-κB (NF-κB) Activation and
Purpose: Deoxyelephantopin (ESD) and isodeoxyelephantopin (ESI) are two sesquiterpene lactones derived from the medicinal plant Elephantopus scaber Linn. (Asteraceae). Although they are used for theExpand
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