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Postcranial evidence from early Homo from Dmanisi, Georgia.
The Plio-Pleistocene site of Dmanisi, Georgia, has yielded a rich fossil and archaeological record documenting an early presence of the genus Homo outside Africa. Although the craniomandibularExpand
A calibrated mammal scale for the Neogene of Western Europe. State of the art
Abstract A magnetobiostratigraphically calibrated mammal scale for the Neogene of Western Europe is presented in this paper. The Mammal Neogene (MN) units originally proposed by Mein [Report onExpand
Earliest human occupations at Dmanisi (Georgian Caucasus) dated to 1.85–1.78 Ma
The early Pleistocene colonization of temperate Eurasia by Homo erectus was not only a significant biogeographic event but also a major evolutionary threshold. Dmanisi's rich collection of homininExpand
Fuente Nueva-3 (Orce, Granada, Spain) and the first human occupation of Europe.
L'analyse stratigraphique de deux sites (Fuenta Nueva-1 et Fuenta Nueva-3) de la section sedimentologique de Fuente Nueva (Orce, Grenade, Espagne) a permis de mettre au jour un assemblage fauniqueExpand
Early human occupation of Western Europe: paleomagnetic dates for two paleolithic sites in Spain.
  • O. Oms, J. Parés, +4 authors A. Turq
  • Geography, Medicine
  • Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences…
  • 12 September 2000
The lacustrine deposits infilling the intramontane Guadix-Baza Basin, in the Betic Range of Southern Spain, have yielded abundant well-preserved lithic artifacts. In addition, the lake beds contain aExpand
The end-Cretaceous dinosaur succession in Europe: The Tremp Basin record (Spain)
Abstract The succession of Maastrichtian deposits in the Tremp basin (South Pyrenean area, Spain) has provided long sections, with numerous dinosaur sites found in the Aren and Tremp Formations. TheExpand
The oldest human fossil in Europe, from Orce (Spain).
The Orce region has one of the best late Pliocene and early Pleistocene continental paleobiological records of Europe. It is situated in the northeastern sector of the intramontane Guadix-Baza BasinExpand
Lithostratigraphical correlation of micromammal sites and biostratigraphy of the Upper Pliocene to Lower Pleistocene in the Northeast Guadix-Baza Basin (southern Spain)
The Plio-Pleistocene non-marine sequence in the northeast Guadix–Baza Basin (southern Spain) comprises alluvial and lacustrine deposits (Baza Formation). The results of a revised lithostratigraphicalExpand
Quaternary time scales for the Pontocaspian domain : Interbasinal connectivity and faunal evolution
The Pontocaspian (Black Sea - Caspian Sea) region has a very dynamic history of basin development and biotic evolution. The region is the remnant of a once vast Paratethys Sea. It contains some ofExpand
Magnetostratigraphy of the Late Miocene Baccinello–Cinigiano basin (Tuscany, Italy) and the age of Oreopithecus bambolii faunal assemblages
Abstract This study has the aim of dating the latest Miocene Hominoid Oreopithecus bambolii bearing succession of the Baccinello–Cinigiano Basin (BCB) in southern Tuscany (Italy). Since the 1960sExpand