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Identification and Prevention of Unbalanced Bids Using the Unascertained Model
AbstractUnbalanced bidding has presented a significant issue in the construction industry. The award of a contract to an unbalanced bid poses a significant threat to the construction cost, as well ...
Investment methodology in planning and development of infrastructure : an unbalanced growth approach
The economic as well as efficient use of scarce resources is one of the challenges in developing countries. This paper aims at providing an investment methodology to infrastructure planning and
Negotiation Model of Design Optimization Profit Distribution with Fairness Concerns in Construction Projects
The experimental scenarios results show that the appropriate behavior of fairness concerns by the two negotiators is valuable in improving their own advantages, which may lead to an increase in the negotiation cycle, which is not beneficial in attaining optimization.
In Search of The Holy Grail: An Exploration of Value Co-Creation in Service Ecosystems Using Knowledge Network Analysis
The central premises of value co-creation as fundamental in service ecosystems and resource integration concepts are outlined and four propositions are advanced to supplement the study's theoretical insights.
The Effects of Transaction Costs on Investor Sentiment: Evidence from the Nigerian Electricity Service Industry
Privatisation of the Nigerian Electricity Service Industry represents a bold first step on a multi-dimensional journey to social and economic development. Significant challenges remain to be
Don’t make value co-creation ambiguous, social networks simplify it
Purpose: Value co-creation is often necessary for situation where expertise and resources are beyond a single actor. Despite the vast study of value co-creation in service system by both academics
Factors influencing the buildability of designs in the Nigerian construction industry
Hardly could projects be executed in Nigeria without alteration of design. This cannot be dissociated from designs which are not practically buildable or arising from changing taste of client. A