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The Lost Wanderers of Descartes and the Auxiliary Motive
I want to take a remarkable passage in the Discourse on Method of Descartes as the starting point of my paper. In this work the author, in addition to the rules of theoretical research, alsoExpand
The Orchestration of the Sciences by the Encyclopedism of Logical Empiricism
I took the term ‘orchestration’ from Kallen’s lively lecture, read at our fifth Unity-of-Science Congress (Harvard, 1939), as one of my pet words and have since used it frequently. Thus, I gladlyExpand
Through War Economy to Economy in Kind
The present book comprises papers that are all inspired by the idea that the era of free exchange economy is ending while that of administrative economy is beginning; that money economy will dissolveExpand
One can say that, from the point of view of scientific empiricism, it is not the notion of ’system’, but that of ‘encyclopedia’ that offers us the true model of science taken as a whole. In theExpand
Physicalism: The Philosophy of the Viennese Circle
Although what is called ‘philosophical speculation’ is undoubtedly on the decline, many of the practically minded have not yet freed themselves from a method of reasoning, which, in the lastExpand
Foundations of the Unity of Science, Toward an International Encyclopedia of Unified Science, Volume 1, Numbers 1-10.
The growing concern throughout the world for the logic, the history, and the sociology of science reveals a comprehensive international movement interested in considering the scientific enterprise inExpand