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Web data mining: exploring hyperlinks, contents, and usage data
This paper presents a review of the book "Web Data Mining - Exploring Hyperlinks, Contents, and Usage Data" by Bing Liu. The review concludes that the breadth and depth of this book makes it aExpand
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Low-complexity fuzzy relational clustering algorithms for Web mining
This paper presents new algorithms-fuzzy c-medoids (FCMdd) and robust fuzzy c-medoids (RFCMdd)-for fuzzy clustering of relational data. The objective functions are based on selecting c representativeExpand
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Unsupervised learning of prototypes and attribute weights
Abstract In this paper, we introduce new algorithms that perform clustering and feature weighting simultaneously and in an unsupervised manner. The proposed algorithms are computationally andExpand
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Deep Learning of Part-Based Representation of Data Using Sparse Autoencoders With Nonnegativity Constraints
We demonstrate a new deep learning autoencoder network, trained by a nonnegativity constraint algorithm (nonnegativity-constrained autoencoder), that learns features that show part-basedExpand
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Automatic Recommendations for E-Learning Personalization Based on Web Usage Mining Techniques and Information Retrieval
The World Wide Web (WWW) is becoming one of the most preferred and widespread mediums of learning. Unfortunately, most of the current Web-based learning systems are still delivering the sameExpand
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The fuzzy c spherical shells algorithm: A new approach
The fuzzy c spherical shells (FCSS) algorithm is specially designed to search for clusters that can be described by circular arcs or, generally, by shells of hyperspheres. A new approach to the FCSSExpand
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Mining search engine query logs for query recommendation
This paper presents a simple and intuitive method for mining search engine query logs to get fast query recommendations on a large scale industrial strength search engine. In order to get a moreExpand
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Extracting Web User Profiles Using Relational Competitive Fuzzy Clustering
The proliferation of information on the World Wide Web has made the personalization of this information space a necessity. An important component of Web personalization is to mine typical userExpand
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Using Explainability for Constrained Matrix Factorization
Accurate model-based Collaborative Filtering (CF) approaches, such as Matrix Factorization (MF), tend to be black-box machine learning models that lack interpretability and do not provide aExpand
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TECNO-STREAMS: tracking evolving clusters in noisy data streams with a scalable immune system learning model
Artificial immune system (AIS) models hold many promises in the field of unsupervised learning. However, existing models are not scalable, which makes them of limited use in data mining. We propose aExpand
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