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Tropane alkaloids from Schizanthus litoralis
Abstract Six new tropane alkaloids have been isolated from the leaves of the endemic Chilian plant Schizanthus litoralis (Solanaceae). The new structures include a new tropanol dimer of itaconic acidExpand
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Cladistic relationships in the genus Schizanthus (Solanaceae)
Abstract The cladistic relationships between Schizanthus species, based primarily on morphology, and chemical characters when available are presented. In this investigation we did not find supportingExpand
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Biological activities and metabolites from Trevoa trinervis Miers
Chilean folklore medicine uses Trevoa trinervis Miers. (Rhamnaceae), ‘trevo’, for the treatment of inflammation caused by wounds and burns. The antiinflammatory and antipyretic activities of crudeExpand
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Alkaloids of Erythroxylum lucidum stem-bark
Thirteen alkaloids were identified from the stem-bark of Erythroxylum lucidum by GC-MS. Seven of these have not been reported previously in the genus Erythroxylum. Most of them are precursors orExpand
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Iridoids from Stachys grandidentata
Abstract Monomelittoside, melittoside, 8-acetyl-harpagide, harpagide, ajugol, 5-desoxy-harpagide, 5-desoxy-8-acetyl-harpagide and catalpol were isolated from the aerial parts of S. grandidentata.
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Changes in ferulic acid and lipid content in aphid-infested barley
Abstract Aphid infestation reduced the susceptibility of barley cultivars to new infestations. The intrinsic growth rate of aphids was lower in the populations reared on previously infested plants,Expand
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High resolution NMR studies of paniculine and related Lycopodium compounds.
Signals in the 1 H- and 13 C-nmr spectra of paniculine were assigned by 1 H- 13 C (HCCORR) and 1 H- 1 H (COSY) 2D shift correlations. Deacetylpaniculine, acetyldihydrolycopodine, andExpand
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Ligadura por exclusión total o parcial y puenteo extraanatómico: Una alternativa de la aneurismectomía subrenal
The present study was designed in order to analyze our experience in surgical treatment of 18 patients with abdominal aortic aneurysm associate to a high surgical risk from 1982 (January-February) toExpand