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The spatial variation of the refractive index in biological cells.
With a phase microscope the phase shift of cells from type L 929 fibroblast and mitochondria from liver cells was measured. Compared to the total phase shift caused by the cell relative to vacuumExpand
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Determination of the specific heat capacity of healthy and tumorous human tissue
Abstract Specific heat capacities cp of different healthy and tumorous tissues (liver, lung, prostate) were measured using a differential scanning calorimeter (DSC). The obtained values range fromExpand
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Microscopical heat stress investigations under application of quantum dots.
Heat stress responses are analyzed in cancer cells by applying different microscopy techniques for targeting various fluorescently labeled or native structures. Thermotreatments are performed at 40,Expand
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The optical properties of biological tissue in the near infrared wavelength range : review and measurements
Various methods which are intended to determine optical tissue properties will be discussed in the present paper. The paper will finally focus on the double integrating sphere technique which is theExpand
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Establishing the Nitrogen Dilution Curve for Potato Cultivar Bintje in Belgium
The nitrogen nutrition index (NNI) is recognized as a reliable plant-based method for diagnosing the crop nitrogen status (CNS). The NNI is based on the concept of critical nitrogen (Nc) dilutionExpand
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Fluorescence Imaging of Heat-Stress Induced Mitochondrial Long-Term Depolarization in Breast Cancer Cells
Various thermotherapies are based on the induction of lethal heat in target tissues. Spatial and temporal instabilities of elevated temperatures induced in therapy targets require optimized treatmentExpand
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Determination of optical tissue properties with double integrating sphere technique and Monte Carlo simulations
The optical properties of white matter human brain, canine prostate and pig liver were measured in the wavelength range 330 - 1100 nm. The measurements were carried out in native as well as inExpand
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Performance comparison of bench-top, hyperspectral imaging and pocket near infrared spectrometers: the example of protein quantification in wheat flour
Author Summary: There have been a number of recent developments in NIR technology which may prove to be significant in the near future. The overall objective of this work is to compare theExpand
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Heat Stress Induced Redistribution of Fluorescent Quantum Dots in Breast Tumor Cells
The probing of living cells in different colors over extended periods of time can be used to see the complicated processes that take place during carcinogenesis or heat stress, for example. SinceExpand
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Review of thermal properties of biological tissues
The thermophysical properties heat conductivity λ, thermal conductivity α. specific heat capacity c p , and the density ρ as well as the rtermal resistance λc p ρ of various human and animal (canine,Expand
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