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Configuration and dynamics of the Earth-Sun-Moon system: an investigation into conceptions of deaf and hearing pupils
The day-and-night cycle, the seasons and the phases of the moon, as seen by Norwegian deaf pupils aged about 7, 9, 11 and 17 years, and by Norwegian hearing pupils about 9 years old, are reported andExpand
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What are the Earth and the heavenly bodies like? A study of objectual conceptions among Norwegian deaf and hearing pupils
This study addresses deaf pupils' conceptions of phenomena, that can be directly observed, of the Earth and sky. In the study deaf pupils aged 7, 9, 11, and 17 years were interviewed. A control groupExpand
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The structure of a trisubstituted 3H-1,2-dithiole
C 22 H 17 N 3 S 3 cristallise dans P2 1 /n avec a=12.8198, b=6.9843, c=23.0717, β=102.981°; affinement jusqu'a R=0.060. Le systeme conjugue du phenylthiocarbamide implique les atomes N1 et N2 de deuxExpand
An investigation of Zimbabwe high school chemistry students' laboratory work–based images of the nature of science
This study investigates the proximal and distal images of the nature of science (NOS) that A-level students develop from their participation in chemistry laboratory work. We also explored the natureExpand
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Development communication and the paradox of choice: imposition and dictatorship in comparing Sámi and San Bushmen experiences of cultural autonomy
Abstract This research examines the relevance of Kenneth Arrow's (1951) Impossibility Theorem as a criterion for assessing postmodern critical approaches to development media theories. Comparing twoExpand
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The “complex reality” of research capacity development in mathematics education in Southern African development community countries
Abstract This paper explores how an aid-funded Ph.D.-programme in mathematics education instituted in some Southern African Development Community countries measures up to issues related to researchExpand
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Constructs Used by 17–19 Year Old Students in Northern Europe When Informally Evaluating Their Teachers
This article reports the findings of a joint international Socrates project, ‘Quali-Teach’, that researched the constructs that students aged 17–19 in England, France, Germany, the Netherlands,Expand
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Procedes et appareil pour un systeme de messagerie asynchrone
L'invention concerne un procede informatique a utiliser dans un systeme de messagerie asynchrone comprenant les etapes consistant a : (i) definir au moins une condition de resultat de delivrance deExpand
What Is Important to Students? Exploring Dimensions in Their Evaluations of Teachers.
Abstract This paper explores ‐‐ as a part of an ongoing project ‐‐ what students emphasize in their evaluations of teachers. A guiding perspective focusing on teacher‐student relationships and theExpand
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Ideas and process skills used by South African and Norwegian students to perform cognitive tasks on acids, bases and magnetism
Abstract The work described in this paper was carried out as part of a large-scale survey exploring students' conceptions of various natural phenomena. Specifically, the purpose of this study was toExpand
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