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The Engine's in the Front, But its Heart's in the Same Place: Advertising, Nostalgia, and the Construction of Commodities as Realms of Memory
NE OF THE ESSENTIAL DIFFERENCES OF OPINION AMONG RESEARCHERS of collective memory regards the question of construction versus selection in the process of shaping social recollections. One approachExpand
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On Media Memory: Editors’ Introduction
The title of this volume, On Media Memory, echoes, of course, Maurice Halbwachs’ seminal work On Collective Memory (1992/1925, 1980/1950), but it also denotes the uniqueness of this volume: alongsideExpand
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Tuned to the nation’s mood: Popular music as a mnemonic cultural object
This article explores the concept of sonic memory via the investigation of popular music that constitutes a radio playlist. Our case study focuses on the songs aired on Israel’s Memorial Day for theExpand
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Israeli Journalism during the State's Formative Era
This article explores the process by which Israeli journalists in the 1950s and the 1960s forged a communal identity by thinking and writing about issues such as the importance of the journalisticExpand
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On Media Memory
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On media memory : collective memory in a new media age
Note on Contributors Editors' Introduction PART I: MEDIA MEMORY: THEORY AND METHODOLOGIES Cannibalizing Memory in the Global Flow of News B.Zelizer The Democratic Potential of Mediated CollectiveExpand
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What is good journalism? comparing Israeli public and journalists' perspectives
The frequent referencing of service to the public interest as a core professional journalistic value raises the question of the correspondence between the perception of journalists and the public asExpand
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Still Photographs, Dynamic Memories: A Study of the Visual Presentation of Israel s Past in Commemorative Newspaper Supplements
This article investigates the ways in which Israel s history was presented via photographs and texts in commemorative supplements of three Israeli newspapers marking the country s anniversaries.
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Memory in Journalism and the Memory of Journalism: Israeli Journalists and the Constructed Legacy of Haolam Hazeh
The article looks at the role of journalists as collective memory agents via an investigation of the interplay between the stories journalists tell as professionals and the stories they tell aboutExpand
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