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Spatial and temporal distribution of tenebrionid species (Coleoptera) in the Negev Highlands, Israel
Abstract Tenebrionid species composition and activity level were studied, using pitfall traps, in two sandy (dune and stabilized sand field) and four compact soil ( wadi, north- and south-facing
An annotated list of the coccinellidae (coleoptera) of Israel and adjacent areas
Seventy-one species of Coccinellidae, their commonness and distribution in Israel and adjacent areas, are listed; 19 of the species are recorded here for the first time. Species expected to occur in
Redescription of Lagria (Apteronympha) tenenbaumi Pic, 1929, with a checklist of the Western Palaearctic species of the genus Lagria F. (Coleoptera: Tenebrionidae: Lagriini) ∗
A checklist of the Western Palaearctic species of Lagria and a key to the species of the subgenus Apteronympha are given.
Review of the genus Loxostethus Triplehorn, with descriptions of three new species (Coleoptera: Tenebrionidae: Diaperini)
The genus Loxostethus Triplehorn, 1962 is reviewed and three new species are described: L. gibbosus, L. oblongus, and L. erythroscelis (Dominican Republic).
New beetle species in the Hungarian fauna (Coleoptera)
s – Eighty-nine species of Coleoptera belonging to 26 families are recorded from Hungary for the first time. With 8 figures.