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Skin lesion classification from dermoscopic images using deep learning techniques
The recent emergence of deep learning methods for medical image analysis has enabled the development of intelligent medical imaging-based diagnosis systems that can assist the human expert in making better decisions about a patients health. Expand
Neural Network Approach to Background Modeling for Video Object Segmentation
This paper presents a novel background modeling and subtraction approach for video object segmentation. Expand
Morphological Image Processing
This chapter contains sections titled: Introduction Fundamental Concepts and Operations Dilation and Erosion Compound Operations Morphological Filtering Basic Morphological Algorithms GrayscaleExpand
Visual information retrieval using Java and LIRE
Visual information retrieval (VIR) is an active and vibrant research area, which attempts at providing means for organizing, indexing, annotating, and retrieving visual information. Expand
Stereo depth with a Unified Architecture GPU
This paper describes how the calculation of depth from stereo images was accelerated using a GPU. Expand
A classification scheme for user intentions in image search
We present our classification scheme for user goals in image search and describe our ongoing work focusing on identification and classification of user intentions during image search tasks. Expand
Video browsing interfaces and applications: a review
We present a comprehensive review of the state of the art in video browsing and retrieval systems, with special emphasis on interfaces and applications. Expand
Context modeling in computer vision: techniques, implications, and applications
This paper surveys recent work in the area of context modeling in computer vision. Expand
Click'n'Cut: Crowdsourced Interactive Segmentation with Object Candidates
This paper introduces Click'n'Cut, a novel web tool for interactive object segmentation designed for crowdsourcing tasks. Expand