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Potential and limitations of 1D modelling of urban flooding
Urban flooding is an inevitable problem for many cities around the world. In the present paper, modelling approaches and principles for analyses of urban flooding are outlined. The paper shows howExpand
Deterministic modelling of integrated urban drainage systems.
The paper reviews the state of the art in deterministic modelling, outlines experiences and discusses problems and future developments. Expand
Modelling of green roof hydrological performance for urban drainage applications
Summary Green roofs are being widely implemented for stormwater management and their impact on the urban hydrological cycle can be evaluated by incorporating them into urban drainage models. ThisExpand
Real-time urban flood forecasting and modelling – a state of the art
All urban drainage networks are designed to manage a maximum rainfall. This situation implies an accepted flood risk for any greater rainfall event. This risk is often underestimated as factors suchExpand
Water Sector of Bangladesh in the Context of Integrated Water Resources Management: A Review
This paper presents the general concepts and elements of integrated water resources management and the status of their adoption in Bangladesh at the national level. It describes the situation of theExpand
Head Losses in Storm Sewer Manholes: Submerged Jet Theory
The design of storm sewers especially suffers from lack of knowledge of the head losses in manholes. A submerged jet theory for the flow in manholes with straight throughflow has been outlined. TheExpand
Assessment of Urban Pluvial Flood Risk and Efficiency of Adaptation Options Through Simulations – A New Generation of Urban Planning Tools
A new framework for flexible testing of flood risk adaptation strategies in a variety of urban development and climate scenarios is presented, finding that the performance of adaptation measures strongly depended on the considered climate and urban development scenario and the other implementation measures implemented, suggesting that adaptive strategies are preferable over one-off investments. Expand
Today, the main concepts required for describing the dynamics of drainage in an entire urban area are known and models are available that can reasonably simulate the behaviour of the urban waterExpand
Evaluation of two stormwater infiltration trenches in central Copenhagen after 15 years of operation.
The infiltration has decreased since the establishment of the system 15 years ago and will discharge around 10 times more annual overflow to the sewers after 100 years of operation compared to the initial volumes, if clogging continues at current rates. Expand
Planning and design of urban drainage systems in informal settlements in developing countries
Many cities in developing countries are typified by large areas of informal settlements. These often do not adhere to official planning guidelines, building regulations and construction standardsExpand