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Government Support to Agricultural Insurance: Challenges and Options for Developing Countries
Governments in developing countries have been increasingly involved in the support of commercial agricultural (crop and livestock) insurance programs in recent years. A striking example is China,
Weather Based Crop Insurance in India
The weather index insurance market in India is the world's largest, having transitioned from small-scale and scattered pilots to a large-scale weather based crop insurance program covering more than
Catastrophe Risk Financing in Developing Countries: Principles for Public Intervention
Public intervention in catastrophe insurance markets, supported by the donor community and the World Bank, should be country specific. Low-income countries, where the domestic non-life insurance
The Demand for Insurance with an Upper Limit on Coverage
The demand for insurance is examined when the indemnity schedule is subject to an upper limit. The optimal contract is shown to display full insurance above a deductible up to the cap. Some results
Catastrophe Risk Pricing: An Empirical Analysis
The price of catastrophe risks is viewed by many to be too high and/or too volatile. Catastrophe risk practitioners point out that, contrary to standard insurance, such as automobile insurance,
Optimal Insurance With Divergent Beliefs About Insurer Total Default Risk
This paper extends the classic expected utility theory analysis of optimal insurance contracting to the case where the insurer has a positive probability of total default and the buyer and insurer
Optimal Insurance against Climatic Experience
  • O. Mahul
  • Environmental Science
  • 1 August 2001
An optimal insurance contract against a climatic risk is derived in the presence of an uninsurable and dependent aggregate production risk. The optimaldesign depends on the stochastic dependency
Optimum Area Yield Crop Insurance
This article considers the problem of the optimal design of crop insurance when the indemnity is based upon the aggregate yield of a surrounding area. The optimal area yield crop insurance contract