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Skin cancer in African albinos.
A review of 775 normally pigmented Africans and 18 African albinos with malignant skin tumours showed that squamous cell carcinoma was the most common tumour type, in contrast to Caucasians, in whomExpand
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Skin Cancer in Zaria, Nigeria
Skin cancer from 775 patients in the savannah showed a preponderance of squamous cell carcinoma (SCC) of the leg related to neglected, poorly managed and chronic ulcers or scars from burns orExpand
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Childhood burns in Zaria, Nigeria.
From 1971 to 1980, 429 children with burn injuries were admitted to the Ahmadu Bello University Hospital, Zaria. These were major burns in 275 patients, moderate in 82 and minor in 72. Fourteen ofExpand
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Breast cancer in Zaria, Nigeria.
A retrospective analysis of the clinical records of 129 women with breast cancer seen at the Ahmadu Bello University Teaching Hospital, Zaria has been carried out. The patients were young (median ageExpand
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Breast cancer during pregnancy and lactation in Zaria, Nigeria.
As most African women with breast cancer are premenopausal, the probability of pregnancy and lactation co-existing with breast cancer is higher than among the Caucasian patients who are usuallyExpand
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Cancer of the male breast in Zaria, Nigeria.
Sixteen Nigerian men presented with advanced breast cancer to Ahmadu Bello University Hospital in Zaria, Nigeria over the 15-year period 1975 to 1989. This comprised 9% of patients with breast cancerExpand
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Testicular torsion and low relative humidity in a tropical country.
One hundred and thirty one patients with testicular torsion were reviewed retrospectively to investigate the association of testicular torsion with air temperature and low relative humidity in Zaria,Expand
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The role of a defined formula diet in the prevention of stress-induced gastric mucosal injury in the rat.
The role of a defined formula diet, Vivonex HN, in the prevention of gastric mucosal injury was evaluated in the cold, restrained rat model. The mean grade of gastric bleeding and mean number ofExpand
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Urinary stones in children in Zaria.
In a period of 16 years, 22 boys whose ages ranged from 10 months to 15 years were treated for stones occurring predominantly in the lower urinary tract. These boys represented 9.6/100,000 paediatricExpand
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Major limb amputation in adults, Zaria, Nigeria.
Over a period of 10 years, a total of 320 limb amputations were performed on adults at the Ahmadu Bello University Hospital, Nigeria. The major indication for upper limb amputation was trauma andExpand
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